Why triple experience ? It's not Classic !

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It was difficult for me to find a PSOBB server which respect the Classic PSO (as the official SEGA server), with no X1000 RATE and other stuff that ruins the enjoyment.
Then finally, I found Ephinea, a Classic server with some special features but anyway, the core of the original PSO game is still here. But now I see that the XP is tripled until August ! That is exactly what I don't want to see on a CLASSIC server.

If you call it classic, then you must respect the original game, and don't add extra bonuses like this which kills the enjoyment of leveling hours and hours, like PSO was.

I don't really understand why you've done this, maybe can you explain it ? You don't plan to be classic as the original game ?

(I am not trolling of course, and I like Ephinea server and staff, I am just disapointed, want to understand).


3x EXP is because the server hit 10 million total kills plus a milestone reward. It will last until 8 MAR 2016.

If you don't want the increased DAR (drop anything rate), rare enemy appearance rate, or experience rate, you can use the /purist command.

Purist Mode
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Moral of the story here, folks, is before you write a topic to complain about something, make sure you know what you're writing about.

3x only active until 3/8/2016 (March 8th, 2016, perhaps he read it as August 3rd, 2016), 2x only active as long as people keep the milestone lit. Server is usually 1x, but you can always force 1x on yourself with /purist.
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