When the answer to this question can have?


if (client->decryptbuf[0x52])
Send1A ("Challenge games are NOT supported right now.\nCheck back later.\n\n- Sodaboy", client);

When the answer to this question can have?


you will have to either buy it or learn it yourself. or wait... i have the code if u want it pm me.


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Buy it? That's not cricket. A majority of the CMODE code for teth was written by Doberman. Unfortunately he has been MIA for some time. He was kind enough to give the code to a select few servers. Which has been improved on slightly. I believe Broomop has acquired Dobermans initial code.

keeping code to ourselves isn't what Sodaboy envisioned the p2 project to become, but unfortunately it did. I'm just as guilty as anyone. however without Doberman about It's not my code to give out. We do plan on adding CMODE to the new release of the ship code but unfortunately you'll have to be patient.

Broomop - if it is indeed your own code I don't see why you don't just post it up here. I'd be happy to make it a sticky.