What are my options for my mag?

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I'll cut right to the chase -- I'm about to level up my mag to level 100. It should, if I didn't mess up, evolve into my long awaited Sato. However, I'm also aware of a few glitches concerning mags. The one in particular is that mags like to act funny and do strange things with stats when you're juggling characters before it's final evolution.

So what's my safest route? Should I wait for a friend I trust with the right character to feed it? Or would I be safe to transfer through the common bank, and make my own force to have it feed it so it evolves?

My apologies if I'm not on the right board. Thanks in advance :)


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If you haven't had any problems up to now you should be OK with either method you described. If you REALLY want to make sure the mag is what it claims to be, change blocks and/or close the game and log in again. If it didn't change than everything should be fine.
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