Well met!


Greetings, I am Oswald.

I've been looking for a server to play on for quite a while, ended up stumbling upon this one after reading K_I_R_E_E_K's recent blog post.

I started out on the Xbox and GC before moving to Blue Burst. I used to play on Ultima for a few years but after some mishaps and other nonsense I decided to quit and moved over to Schthack. I played there for a while before work got busy and I didn't have much time to play both PSO and Xbox/Steam games. Recently came back to play again just to see that the game was down and apparently all the files were lost so I'd have to start over when it came back up.

Since a lot of people were quitting and there's been no news of the server coming back up I figured I'd find myself a new place to settle ;)

Looking forward to playing with everyone and hopefully meeting up with some old friends!


Welcome to Ephinea, glad to have you join us and I look forward to seeing you in game!

Good luck and happy hunting!


I haven't been on pso in a while, but I might play a few games if some of the master trolls comes over lol