Wait, what is Vanilla PSOBB?


Besides the fact that I never played on any official servers for this game, what is Vanilla PSOBB like? It seems pretty straightforward for the developers that pick up the default server files and chisel around the rough edges, I guess, but how do we know what SEGA knows about this game exactly? Yes, the EXP was obviously at 1x, and PSO-World appears to have the major features of the game known to the public, but what about the smaller points like how the stats of armors/shields vary and episode 4 rates like DAR rates and rare rates? If those are so minor, then what about that RR/PGF poll? It occurred to me that RR/PGF weren't the only items that dropped from those two bosses. I saw a post in that topic showing that other items dropped from those bosses. Should the poll include those other items, besides RR/PGF, to be considered? I don't see D-Photon Core or DF Shield in the drop charts.

I suppose that there are primary sources that can inform everyone about what PSOBB was like before all these private servers came out of the woodwork. I'm sure the GM's and Sodaboy got this, so I wonder how many players never played the actual SEGA servers.

Aleron Ives

It mainly means that there are no boosted EXP rates, boosted rare monster rates, changes to existing items, or new, user-made items added into the client. Many subjectively less important things are not vanilla, e.g. the ability to use server commands.