Valentine's Day Event & New Quests


We've gone ahead and activated SEGA's Valentine's Day event. You can see pretty hearts in the lobby and the "St. Valentine's Day" is now playable in Episode 1's One-Person mode "Event" category.

GuardianGirth has also come out with this "Lost MASTER'S BLASTER" quest for Episode 4. This is your quick track to Saint Million. Be sure to leave him comments about the quest in his quest topic in the "General" section.

We've also added a bunch of fanmade quests that were released to the public. In the quest description at the guild counter, you can see the author's name who created the quests. Most of them have not been modified in any way excluding the removal of a lot of the item rewards and, later, we will be correcting a lot of the spelling and grammatical errors that exist in the quest.

The quest, "Lost ????", wasn't a publicly released quest, more so a port of a quest that Aleron Ives made in the past called, "Lost HAVOC VULCAN". Everybody and their mom has this quest now, plus Aleron Ives has since updated it, called it something else, and denies "Lost HAVOC VULCAN's" very existence, so it's name has been changed accordingly to something forgettable.

The following are a list of quests that have been added...

Episode 1 Multi-mode Extermination Category:

- Wrath of Forest by Darklink

Episode 1 Multi-mode Retrieval Category:

- Dark Research 2.0 by Namakemono
- Lost ???? by Ileron Aves
- Path to Salvation by Sunny

Episode 1 Multi-mode VR Category:

- Simulator 2.0 by RikaPSO
- Mine Offensive by RikaPSO

Episode 1 Multi-mode's Event Category:

- Random Attack Xrd by Namakemono

Episode 2 Multi-mode Extermination Category:

- Gal Da Val's Darkness by RikaPSO

Episode 2 Multi-mode's Retrieval Category:

- Revisiting Darkness by RikaPSO and Ilitsa

Episode 2 Multi-mode's Tower Category:

- Raid on Central Tower by RikaPSO

Episode 4 Multi-mode's Retrieval Category:

- Lost MASTER'S BLASTER by GuardianGirth

Episode 1 One-Person mode's Side Story Category:

- Knight of Coral by Namakemono

Episode 2 One-Person mode's Side Story Category:

- Knight of Coral Advent by Namakemono

A lot of these quests used to give out items for completion, but we've removed a majority of that for a meseta award. An exception being Random Attack Xrd which still gives a random material for finding the secret maps.

Hope you enjoy the quests as they've been requested. :)
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Also, for anyone still wondering, Pioneer Parts will be distributed during tonight's maintenance.



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SEGA's Valentine's Event is just getting the Chocolate from the Valentine's Quest as a female character to pass to a male character to use in the White Day quest.

Which is then used to get a Bouquet or something that you can trade for Rambling May in March.


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I have the quest but haven't decided whether to put it up yet. I want to clean it up because it's an abomination as far as scripting goes. (Probably because it was created by hand via hex editing.)

There's all sorts of debug and corrupted code in it when viewed in QEdit. Thus, I don't really trust the quest.


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Yeah, that's an easy fix. I will try to have it done within the hour. At work now.


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I think I even still have the original MSB quest file before any changes were made to it somewhere. That's probably an even bigger abomination of scripting. Didn't Cry0 originally make that (and ANH) for GC anyway? I remember when Schthack first put it up on BB that quest was barely functional at all.