V.I.N.*X-mas Pics*

Note: I am takinga hiatus from PSO. Chono is acting Master of V.I.N., please address your inquiries to him.

In a darker era, on a server full of elitist nerds who ranted about Damage Cancel and Class roles, the noble Force found himself reduced to a servant - nay, a slave - meant merely to support, but never to lead. Ignorance of the Force's true power abounded and all hope seemed lost.

Until, one day, we had enough.

V.I.N. was born as a beacon - a haven for all Forces seeking to realize their potential, who want to be honored for their grace and power instead of commanded and controlled by lesser beings; who want to lead the assault instead of cowering at the rear lines. These are the Very Important Newmans.

The team finds itself herewith relocated. Perhaps such darkness will not infect Ephinea, but we must ever remain diligent. If you wish to join us in our struggle for greatness and pizzazz, feel free to PM me or post here.

Team Guidelines:
1) If you are not playing as a Force, ask for Shifta and Deband nicely and avoid doing so in the middle of battle.
2) If you are, for some strange reason, playing as a cast, bring your own -mates. Don't expect the rest of us to equip Healing Merges.
3) Do not oblige others to use Jellen and Zalure.
4) Be respectful, but not too respectful. Have a sense of humor and don't be quick to take things personally.
5) We generally help each other hunt things. Help us and we will help you.
6) When I say "help", I don't mean spamming TTF for levels. Zzzz.
7) There is no pressure to be online at certain times, though it is advisable to let us know when you will be inactive for prolonged periods.
8) Our HQ is Lobby 13, Newman Towers. We have also claimed lobby 5 as the Newman Observatory.
9) It is not desirable that you belong to other teams with other accounts. You can do this on a trial basis, but it will hinder your advancement and integration in the long run.
10) As a Very Important Newman, you may be hated by others. Do not allow yourself to be provoked by vulgar, malicious attacks - these only have as much meaning as you give to them. A V.I.N., while proud of our team, is respectful towards others. A V.I.N. ignores a troll rather than responding in kind.
11) Use Team Chat (F9). Answer when people write there. When you log in, write something. V.I.N. tend, by nature, to be lone wolves, but, while you're not obligated to play games with your teammates all the time, the point of a team is to build a community. Be there for one another.
12) Upon joining V.I.N., you will learn the team password. Only use this password for team games - do not reveal it to others.
13) If you're in a game with me, you have to help me open four-person doors... OR I'LL FREAK OUT!
14) You don't have to play as a Newman or Force to join the team. You must simply be in touch with your inner Newman.

Team Roster
1) diemildefreude       
2) Hnes
3) Roaxes             
4) ajc46
5) Link1275
6) rockfreakx
7) Nyte
8) woz
9) Zhodoa
10) Chono

Very Important Luxuries
Dressing Room
Team Flag
Point of Disaster

The first co-op event between V.I.N. and YOLOSWAGGERS. So much win.

Lost Soul Blade: Rockstar, Zhodoa, Goldmund.

Rockstar finds a rare item.

V.I.N.'s entry in the Damage-Cancel-Off

Dark Awakening

Very Important Hunts

Photo Archive

Sig. Logos
Courtesy of ChaoXide:



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Toxicest player
Re: V.I.N.

Oooh oooh invite me!

Also I've wanted to ask this for so long:
Why is the orange circle not centered nicely in the green star? :x
Re: V.I.N.

@Andy: The orange circle is not centered because V.I.N. are rebellious and anti-establishment or something. If you can accept our asymmetrical flair, I'll gladly invite you.

@AJC46 But of course.
Re: V.I.N.

The ending of that GIF is perfect. Notice how casts have trouble integrating in our team...

Also, we made this GIF while we were waiting for you, ANDY, so if you still want to join, you better contact me. ;)
Re: V.I.N.

After an epic battle against Kondrieu...



Welcome to the team, Link1275!

Also, I know we're a ways off, but let me know what you'd like to unlock first with our team points. I'm thinking the Dressing Room is a priority, because Fashion.
Re: V.I.N.

Nyte said:
Hey Goldmund and team, mind if i join in when i get the game installed?

Is that you, Nytesong? We'd be delighted if you rejoined.

And yes, Rock Star, we're having fun.

To those who don't know: rockfreakx was our videographer for all our Schthack videos. His alias here is snakex, so keep an eye out for him.

Also, we've changed our headquarters from that drab Lobby 15 to Lobby 5, which will henceforth be known as "Newman Observatory".




Re: V.I.N.

I know we were fighting falz and all trying to save Rico but I couldn't resist taking a selfie.



Re: V.I.N.

diemildefreude said:
Is that you, Nytesong?

aye it is. maybe i'll catch a team member online and i can join up sometime soon. i may not be on my fonewm though. i made a couple rangers to hunt odds n ends for Nyte.
Re: V.I.N.

Nyte said:
diemildefreude said:
Is that you, Nytesong?

aye it is. maybe i'll catch a team member online and i can join up sometime soon. i may not be on my fonewm though. i made a couple rangers to hunt odds n ends for Nyte.

No worries. Have Roaxes add you if you see him first.