Usable Slow Traps.


Without rain, nothing grows.
We have them on our customization sheet, so I am assuming Sega were meant to unlock them at some point. Maybe.

Anyways, if it's at all possible I recon they would be cool / useful to many situations. T'is my suggestion :eek:
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They are unlocked already, but only usable in Battle mode. ;) I don't think enemies have the AI or programming needed to be "slow". (Can't recall if you set a slow trap on a Delsaber in battle mode, if it actually slows down or not...)


Without rain, nothing grows.
Oh yeeeeeeeah, I forgot about Battle, How could I forget about Battle. Vex would shout at me :(

It would be nice if you could do that though to enemy ;).


I think it still would be rather fun to have it enabled. Like slowing down your teammate as he reaches for that teleport and you lock him in with PB :D