Updated Offline Tethealla Server??


This is my first ever posting in the forums and I plan to make it quick and to the point. So, I must say that I love the offline server pack as it comes in handy when I'm outside of Internet coverage and want to play PSO. I really enjoy everything you guys have put into this game. I just wish that the offline version was more up to date with the online server. Now, my question is simple. Is there any possibility of us getting or seeing your server in its current state made available for offline use? Yes or no, it's no big deal. I'm just curious, is all. :)


I don't think you will see the latest changes/updates in a offline server anytime soon.
Neither anything related to the DLL.
(Note "I don't think", that can change in matter of minutes)

Personally, I have been working in a similar update to the software but is nowhere complete as it's not my main goal, as you can probably tell by my stash topic, I focus in tools and related stuff.

Anyway I don't think you need most/all the changes/updates that the server has had.
Is pretty decent as it is in the current version, IMO.