Update complete 2/20/2016


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The server has been updated. A new PSO executable will also download.

Unfortunately, as a side effect of the new executable, you will have to type your password at least one more time the first time you sign into the game with the new EXE. Also, it seems the hi-res HUD option no longer works.

If you've forgotten your password to your account, you can reset it at http://ephinea.pioneer2.net/reset-password/

We will look into fixing the hi-res HUD option ASAP. Please temporarily disable it for now, if you have it enabled or PSOBB will crash at launch.

Thank you.
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So, if you run the EXE alone, you're OK. If you use the W/S launcher, you crash? That's pretty strange.

Do you have any hung process of PSOBB in the background? Are PSOBB and the Online launcher in your list of AV exceptions? Running as Admin? Tried restarting your computer?

Check all of those first.

EDIT: Just read you got it resolved in the chat.
Okay so I've restarted my computer, the programme is part of the exceptions list and I have ran the launcher as admin as well.

So before restarting my computer I did get it working with the launcher, however the game ran in a very low resolution.
Right now the game can only run if I execute psobb.exe but yet again only playable in a low resolution.

I don't seem to be the only one with this problem now either as more people are reporting it in the shoutbox.


I had this problem, I went as far as reinstalling, deleting all old reg entries, rebooting, ect. Still got the same problem even after that, but I've noticed if I uncheck "hi res hud" under options it will launch, if I recheck this option then it will not launch.
Ahh, so it seems to be the Hi-Res hud that is causing us grief, as doing that solved launching the game from the launcher. It's just so horrible playing like this though. I guess for now I'll have to tolerate it until it's resolved :)


JK hate paused, busy!
what was the update for?

edit: o-oh...i guess you don't have to tell us...
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