Unseen PSOBB

PSOBB servers dedicated to bringing you the best in Sandbox Time Attack QoL.
Right now support for Vanilla PSOBB and 2014 Meta available.

· High Res Hud scaling, and many resolutions supported.
· DMC mitigation. Damage done is calculated only if its a higher value than the previous value.
· Multiple players can join rooms at the same time, as well as being able to still move while they join. [Multi-Join video.]
· Early walks have been patched out.
· Gibbles get up speed resets back to default every time you create a room, no need to restart the client.
· The Vanilla server is compatible with PSO Stats. 2014 may be supported in the future.
· Experimental quest reset. Resets the seed as well as the objects/enemies handled server side. [Quest reset video.]
· Many unique commands. Use !commands in the Unseen discord channel for more information.
· All quests are unlocked permanently.

· C-mode has some bugs, it does work.
· B-mode has similar issues.

Special thanks to Soly, mt, and esc.

Unseen Discord
2014 Changes
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