unlock mag feeding timer once mag reaches lv 200


Whitill Privilege
i'm not sure if this would be possible due to engine limitations, but I'd like to be able to refill my mag's sync back to max after a night of drunken chain deaths if possible. having to spend 30+ mins afk to feed, or remembering to feed on a regular basis mid-game whilst drunk is difficult for me, so if this could be implemented, I think myself and many other shitters like me would be very grateful.

unless there's something i'm overlooking, i don't think it would imbalance gameplay if if was only unlocked once mag has reached max level, as the only reason to feed beyond that is simply to raise IQ/Sync.

thanks for reading my half-joking, half-serious epiphany, cheers.


That's a client change so would affect any mag with just that I really doubt it...
and c'mon... with all respect (purely IMO) that's a poor reason to do such a change like that.