Unable to start game from launcher


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Hey everyone,

I'm running the Ephinea Launcher v1.0, and weirdly I have been able to play the game since the last time I updated. Now, the launcher comes up normally, but the Start Game button does nothing. It still highlights black when I mouse over it, but clicking it doesn't close the launcher and start the game, or do anything for that matter.

If it's important, the Official Site and Account buttons still open the appropriate pages of this website, and the Options button does still open the options window. Credits also does nothing. Quit properly closes the launcher.

Should I just do a fresh install? Or is there an easier way to fix this? I figure I might have to reinstall since I can't even get to the patcher.
im having the same issue i have looked at my install directory and it seems some how my PSOBB.exe has been deleted, and its not in my recycle bin, some weird bug. this happened earlier and then i did a re install, that worked,but now a few hours later,the exe is missing again, ADMINS HALP


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Anti-virus will be the cause for the missing EXE. If you're using AVG you also need to add it in the behavior exceptions too as that will also delete the EXE without warning.

To rule out your AV causing the problem temporarily disable the anti-virus and try again.

If the launcher can't run psobb.exe clicking start game will result in nothing happening. I'll add a warning in the next update to inform you if psobb.exe is missing.

To restore the client, make a copy of psobb.pat and rename the copy to psobb.exe.


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That did it, thanks. I added the EphineaPSO folder as an exclusion to my antivirus software and I was able to copy the pat file and restore the exe.