Trouble Connecting After Event Update

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I've never had this problem before, but when the update for the event was released, I have been having trouble connecting to the server. I keep getting the no903 error... not sure what to do.

update: 8-13-16

Sorry if I wasn't specific enough, I have been doing alot of troubleshooting trying to figure out what's causing this error to pop up.

Some things I've noticed are:
-The launcher is really slow when opening and doesn't update properly even when I check for updates in the options menu it still doesn't update the game.

Somethings I've tried to do:
Reinstalling the game and launching the game while making sure my anti-virus was disabled and making sure the program launched as administrator (I use win7)
I've tried installing the game on my C: drive (usually I run the game on another drive) to see if it was a directory problem.

So far nothing I've tried has worked, I thought that there might have been a virus on my machine so I scanned for that and nothing showed up. It seems like there is something preventing online application from being patched.

I've been running the game since last year with no problems, but after the event started pso hasn't been updating right.

update 8-16-16

Stange as it may sound... lol I switched out my wifi card with another one, and for some reason that did the trick!
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