Tool for editing shop and generic drops?


We have been looking at editing regular drops to bring in some higher class weapons into lower difficulties.

We have the rare drop files, but were wondering what controls the regular drops?

Also shops?

PS. Is the server changing how it handles rare item drops? AKA, will our changes be overwritten when the update comes out?


For the old server the shops are in shop.dat, I was planning on making a tool to edit it, but it already changed in the incoming release according to Soda, hence there is no point on making it (I still want to tho).

The common drops iirc are in itemPT.gsl, but I can't tell you anything else (wait for Soda on this one), I want to make another tool to edit this file, lel, but haven't had the time for it. (I should really sit down a few hours/days and do it).

For the rare drops, if you are using text files, then yes it will change, but my drop editor (latest build, not released yet) will convert your text files to the new format for you, so you won't lose any changes.