Too many files breaks the Patch Server?


I've noticed that if you add too many files to the patch server the game will disconect while trying to patch showing you a maintenance notice. Usually the problem is fixed by adding just a few files to patch to the server but if I want to add for example the whole client data folder and subfolders the patch server starts succesfully but in the game it will "try" to patch but it will finish in a disconnection error and returning to the tittle screen this error doesnt happens if I upload just a few files to patch.

Could it be the patch server of the old tethealla binaries isnt prepared to handle that many files? or it's a problem of the PSOBB client itself?

PD: I kept the Dummy files and folder structure intact!


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That's not going to work out too well. There is a limit, I don't know exactly how much... But also the fact that the patch server for BB uses the old PSOPC encryption and the maximum size of a packet has to be under 64k. You can't include almost 2000 files with their CRC values in that packet, I don't think, plus it would be a nightmare for the people who connect to your server anyway, if you did that, as the client has to literally scan through and calculate the CRC value of every file that is on your patch server. If they're not using an SSD, it's going to be SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW to log on. (Even with an SSD, calculating the CRC of almost 2000 files and reading almost 800MB of data at every log on is just... really messed up.)

You're better off just making a new client and sending it to your users, then sending updates as necessary.


Yeah, why would you update a whole client, patch in wikipedia (yeah I'm lazy)
"A patch is a piece of software designed to update a computer program or its supporting data, to fix or improve it."
The whole client goes in the installation, there is no need to patch it as a whole.