To spy or not to spy


That is not a question but a introduction :lol: :lol:

My name is spy also known as stabgun or espion on schtack and ultima.
I'm playing on Ephinea since 3 weeks, i'm french and like all of you, i like pso very very much.
My favorites characters are rangers, they have a great sense of justice like Walker Texas Ranger and Judge Dredd :eek: :eek: .

Irl my job is to take care of people (food, bath etc..) and i do voluntarism.

Each server has is own game play and mentality, ephinea please me very well.
See you in game folks.


Bienvenue à Ephinea! Tu trouveras qu'il y a assez de francophones ici.

I hope to see you in game :D
If you see me just give me a shout!