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Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by Skylie, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. Skylie

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    Every time Win10 updates, PSO doesn't work anymore and I need to whitelist it again - The method described in the link on Discord NEVER works for me and it always takes me ages to figure out or remember how I did it the previous time.
    Can someone explain this to me cause at this rate I won't even bother playing anymore. Tried getting friends to try the game but they got the same issue and gave up.

    Currently when I start the game as soon as I hit start on the launcher the game window pops up and instantly disappears again. I never even get the option to whitelist the whole PSO folder, or at least the .dll file (it's not there).

    I am not using an AV, just this Windows Defender crap, which is the firewall I guess. I'm not a pc expert as you can probably tell, but it shouldn't take a wizard to fix such a rather simple issue. Please help. Show screenshots step by step. I've been trying everything and I'm this close to quitting the game forever because I can't be bothered to go through this crap for hours each time every couple months. Sorry for language, really annoyed right now.

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  3. Skylie

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    Thanks, I've been carefully following the instructions in that link, however, I still can't run PSO and at this point I don't even know what's causing the issue anymore. Like I said, my game window briefly pops up, then disappears without an error message or anything. I reinstalled the game but that didn't fix it.
  4. Jyuki

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    Just to clarify that Defender is indeed an AV.

    I dont have a fix while keeping Defender but, you can always install another AV which will deactivate Defender (not using any AV isn't recommended unless you really know what you're doing).

    I can recommend Kasperky Security Cloud - Free. I've been using it since a month and it works pretty well. I was on Eset before but it's not free.

    Where to find exclusion on Kasperky:
  5. staphen

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    Normally, if the exe gets swallowed, the game doesn't start at all. If the dll gets swallowed, you receive an error message when trying to start the game. The behavior you describe sounds more like the anti-cheat mechanism. My understanding is, it scans all the processes and windows on your system and compares them against a list of commonly used tools for editing the client's memory. If it finds one, it ends the game's process immediately.

    I'm not sure what the list is, but the first thing you can try is closing all other applications you have running before you try to play. If that doesn't work, maybe you have a rogue process running in the background that you're unaware of.
  6. Soly

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    If the window appears for a second and quits, it could also be the DirectX not being able to "find the display mode".

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