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  1. Bagarozy

    Bagarozy Brechstange DEluxe

    Guildcard 2:
    Mod Note: This thread is to stay strictly on-topic. The following posts are permitted:

    - Time submission
    - Commenting on a time submission
    - Querying about the original posts (rules or related)

    Any other post will be deleted, and if persistent, warns will be handed out.

    This is the non-sandbox TA topic with updated rules (which may be subject to change). HC players may of course participate.

    This is to encourage players to run TA in Normal Mode. Any good effort can be rewarding. It's okay to use that HUmar and see what you can come up with.

    While Sandbox is a great option for competition, some of us prefer the 'challenge' of Normal Mode TA with more realistic results. Printing Meseta for every attempt is beyond that.


    - Must be done on Ephinea Server.
    - Please show videos, or pictures that show proof of your completion. Ultimate only. No cheating.
    - Any submitted records must come with some form of proof. This can include either a screenshot or video.
    - For quests with no obvious banners/terminals/NPCs indicating clear time or that the quest is cleared, the time displayed after the last enemy has been defeated is the clear time.
    - For 2 player games, both players must be in the red and green player slots.
    - Having a player leave during a quest is not allowed.
    - You cannot spawn the enemies or build PB before you activate the machine in Maximum Attack.
    - You have to download the latest patch which fixes the Recon bug (if you have not done so already).

    - You cannot modify your status, such as lowering HP, casting SD, poisoning yourself, or building/using PB before the quest.
    - You cannot use /PK.
    - If clear times vary between clients, the better time will be used.

    - Excluded from using for any TA submissions in this thread are the following items:

    • Clio on HUnewearl, Elenor on fleshies, Devil's & Angel's Wing on androids, Cat & Bunny Ears on males
    • (Event) weapons or Ephinea drop-chart featured weapons that normally don't come with Hit (based on JP drop charts): Hit Lollipop, Hit Izmaela, Hit Raikiri, Hit Huge Battle Fan, Hit Kunai, Hit Two Kamui, Hit Girasole, Hit Rambling May (taken from the Easter Event Shop Thread)
    • Event Type weapons with specials, e.g. TypeME/Mechgun 40H Charge
    Why these particular items? While the restrictions may seem 'dumb' and 'arbitrary', the item pool uses the normal item properties that were used on the Japanese Sega servers. It's a matter of principle and (potential) comparison. While there may not be many times posted by players from other servers including the old official ones, there are and there may always be runners that draw from the same item pool, simply because that's been the norm. Nobody can guarantee that there be more item changes in the future.

    Don't like these rules? Please refer to the Time Attack Thread which features a different set of rules for NM and SB and post your times there.

    Although the aspect of competition might be more distinct in Sandbox, it's still rather hypothetical, and I think it should be more about achieving the best times possible. Following this, I don't see why you should not max Hit % to 100 as well.

    The rules and restrictions have been suggestions more or less, and admittingly, this place was mainly used to post times by a small group of players that prefer not to use modified items. Given the interest of more players, rules may be subject to change.

    Players often don't want to post videos of their runs for reasons, but if competing groups achieve similar times, then I would like to ask for video proof.

    It is also generally recommended to display your inventory via the LUA addon (if you are unable to record for some reason). Can still cheat of course, but I guess we're all mature enough to stick to the honor system.

    Quests will be added as soon as people start running them. The same applies to player and game mode categories, i.e. one person mode. For now, the best 3 times for a quest will be listed.

    Note that some of the MU E2 quests and timers were modified:
    MU1, MU2, MU4 + 2 minutes
    MU5 + 5 minutes

    - Times that were submitted before quest changes will be marked with an asterisk.
    - Since using pipes adds 30 seconds to your timer after the first time increase, questionable times will demand video proof.

    Also note that the E2 Lost quests were recently modified. As soon as people start submitting times for these and decide to go with the changes, I will mark the old times with an asterisk.

    That is all for now. Despite all the 'drama' and debates, remember to enjoy the game and post your times in either threads. Thank you everyone for your comments; I respect everyone's opinions and updated the main post a little. I personally have more fun to run with and against players that have different gear than I do, but that doesn't mean that I don't SB from time to time as well.

    Episode 1

    Mop-Up Operation #1
    2 players
    #1) 06"22 remaining - 03/03/17; Bagarozy (RAmar), Zen (HUcast).

    Mop-Up Operation #3
    2 players
    #1) 02"27 remaining - 03/15/17; Zen (HUcast), Bagarozy (RAmar).

    Towards the Future
    1 player
    #1) 10"30 - 08/08/17; CritDraw (RAmarl).
    TTF RAmarl.jpg

    #2) 11"09 - 08/06/17; Straycat (HUcast).
    TTF Stray.jpg

    2 players

    #1) 09"36 - 05/30/17; Zen (HUcast), CritDraw (RAmarl).

    #2) 10"01 - 05/30/17; Reimu (HUnewearl), Roo (RAcast).
    TTF Time 4.png

    #3) 10"39 - 03/28/17; Ceri0n (FOmar), mote (RAcast).

    4 players
    #1) 09"13 - 04/21/17; reason (HUcast), Who knows (HUcaseal), God (HUcast), CritDraw (RAmarl).
    TTF Time 3.jpg

    Christmas Fiasco
    4 players
    #1) 14"44 remaining - 01/07/17; CritDraw (RAcast), Scotty (FOnewm), Zen (HUcast), Bagarozy (HUmar).

    Fake in Yellow
    1 player (solomode)
    #1) 02"28 - 07/24/17; Ayria (RAmar).
    FiY Time.jpg

    Episode 2

    Malicious Uprising #1
    4 players
    #1) 08"22* remaining - 01/22/17; Zen (HUcast), Colette (FOmarl), CritDraw (RAcast), Bagarozy (HUcast).
    MU1 E2 Time.jpg

    Malicious Uprising #2
    2 players
    #1) 09"53* remaining - 01/31/17; Bagarozy (RAmar), Zen (HUcast).

    Malicious Uprising #3

    2 players
    #1) 05"17* remaining - 02/27/17; Bagarozy (RAmar), Zen (HUcast).

    4 players
    #1) 06"03* remaining - 01/22/17; Bagarozy (RAmar), Zen (HUcast), Colette (FOmarl), CritDraw (RAcast).
    MU3 E2 Time.jpg

    Malicious Uprising #4
    4 players
    #1) 12"02 remaining - 07/04/17; Straycat (RAcast), VENOM (RAmar), ealonzo (HUcast), DiZzy (RAcast).
    MU4 E2 Time Alt.jpg

    #2) 09"11* remaining - 01/22/17; Zen (HUcast), CritDraw (RAcast), Bagarozy (RAmar), ToasterMage (FOmarl).
    MU4 E2 Time.jpg

    Malicious Uprising #5
    1 player (solomode)
    #1) 08"49 remaining - 04/06/17; Zen (HUcast).

    4 players
    #1) 09"52* remaining - 01/22/17; Zen (HUcast), CritDraw (RAcast), ToasterMage (FOmarl), Bagarozy (RAmar).
    MU5 E2 Time.jpg

    Maximum Attack 4 Stage 2A
    3 players
    #1) 19"06 remaining - 02/15/17; Zen (HUcast), CritDraw (RAcast), Bagarozy (RAmar).
    MA42A Time.jpg

    Maximum Attack 4 Stage 2B
    3 players
    #1) 18"31 remaining - 02/01/17; CritDraw (RAcast), Zen (HUcast), Bagarozy (RAmar).
    42B 3P Time.jpg

    Maximum Attack 2 ver2
    3 players
    #1) 39"54 remaining - 02/03/17; Zen (HUcast), Bagarozy (RAmar), ToasterMage (RAmarl).
    MA2V2 Time.jpg

    Respective Tomorrow
    4 players
    #1) 14"33 - 07/30/17; Bagarozy (HUcast), Zen (HUcast), CritDraw (RAmarl), mote (RAcast).

    #2) 15"05 - 07/23/17; Straycat (RAcast), ealonzo (HUcast), DiZzy (RAcast), Ayria (FOmarl).

    #3) 15"35 - 02/02/17; Zen (HUcast), Daisuri (FOnewearl), Bagarozy (RAmar), CritDraw (RAcast).
    RT Time.jpg

    Lost Chaos Calibur
    2 players
    #1) 22"18 - 02/03/17; Zen (HUcast), Bagarozy (RAmar).

    Episode 4

    New Mop-Up Operation #3
    1 player
    #1) 02"01 remaining - 05/24/16; Matt (FOnewm).

    1 player (solomode)
    #1) 07"05 remaining - 07/23/17; Ade (FOnewm).
    MU3 Ade.jpg
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  2. Ceri0n

    Ceri0n Member

    The Netherlands
    Guildcard 2:
    I wanna post this TTF with mote and me as Luigi in 10:41 normal mode. It is not flawless yet but... we are working on it. Your thoughts :)??

    Classes Fomar and Racast

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  3. Ceri0n

    Ceri0n Member

    The Netherlands
    Guildcard 2:

    2 seconds faster
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  4. reason

    reason TActics

    Bad run anyway[​IMG]
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  5. Roo

    Roo Lonely

    Guildcard 2:
    Can still be improved on.
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  6. DJ Ridoo

    DJ Ridoo Red Ring is a lie

    We did it again =D. Sub 10 is possible for sure

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  7. Zen

    Zen Member

    Gonna improve the run later.
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  8. Zen

    Zen Member

    Malicious Uprising #5 (solomode).
    RA is probably much faster but it's quite fun as HU.
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  9. ealonzo

    ealonzo the based god

    based world
    Malicious Uprising #4 - 12'02 (remaining)

    hi were new to TA
    @DiZzy RAcast
    @VENOM TheBaron RAmar
    and especially
    @Straycat Apsis RAcast

    MU4 record lol.jpg
    can easily be improved
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  10. Ade

    Ade The Charlie Brown of PSO.

    Ep. 4 One Person Mode: New Mop Up Operation #3: 6:38 remaining - FOnewm

    This could be beaten with tryhard merge swapping or knowing when to do bare-handed versus weapon casting (don't know, don't care), but I figured I would get the 1P Mode times started. Do not take my posting this as an indication that I'm interested in TA, nor should you think of beating this time as some sort of "diss" to me. I probably won't even look. Knock yourself out.

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  11. Ade

    Ade The Charlie Brown of PSO.

    One Person Mode: Episode 4: New Mop-Up Operation # 3: FOnewm: 7:05 remaining. 27 seconds improvement over my previous best. Had some good luck.

    Edit: @Bagarozy : Are One Person Mode times not being acknowledged? Like I said in my last post, I'm not a huge TA enthusiast; I've just been running this a lot. However, I couldn't help but notice that my time from several weeks ago wasn't posted. Is this proof not good enough? Look at the drop checker; it's clearly Ultimate.

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  12. Straycat

    Straycat o.o

    MA4 EP4 - First Room
    I'll kick off the solo TTF section with this not-so-great submission. Falz is kinda annoying.

    11"22 - 07/23/17; Straycat (HUcast)

    I reckon it won't be split up for different classes, so I won't bother improving this since RAmar is probably the best.

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  13. Straycat

    Straycat o.o

    MA4 EP4 - First Room
    Respective Tomorrow [4 players]
    15"05 - 07/23/17; Straycat (RAcast), ealonzo (HUcast), DiZzy (RAcast), Ayria (FOmarl)
    Will improve to 14'40ish when lil b finishes school. For now this is "acceptable."
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  14. Straycat

    Straycat o.o

    MA4 EP4 - First Room
    This thread needs more submissions. ;_;

    Anyway, tonight I ran a random TTF while waiting for a friend to get online... slight improvement from my previous submission... still not really great, though. Might aim for 10'4X, but not any time soon. Too luck based. >.<

    11"09 - 08/06/17; Straycat (HUcast)

    My Dark Flow set (if anybody is wondering):

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  15. CritDraw

    CritDraw Member

    10"30 TTF - RAmarl
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  16. Matt

    Matt Administrator Staff Member

    Wigan, England
    Since TA is, for some reason, a volatile subject, unless you are posting a time in thread, commenting on a time or asking a question about the rules (or related) do not post anything here. You will be warned if you post off-topic posts in this thread.

    Note that someone asking about the rules is not an invitation to tell people they're idiots for not understanding the rules or thinking the rules should be different, keep that to yourself.

    I'm going to clean up the thread to get rid of the drama, then this thread will be strictly on-topic.

    EDIT: I ended up just deciding to remove every post that isn't a time submission. You can still comment on any of the times posted again if you wish, but I felt the easiest thing to do to clean up would be to just remove everything. From now on, keep it about times only.
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