The SUPER Steam Input / Controller Guide

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Effects of following this guide:
  • Enables Steam Controllers to work with PSOBB
  • Enables any USB gamepad to be configured via Steam similar to XPadder, Pinnacle, etc.
  • Bonus: You no longer have to restart PSO if your gamepad comes unplugged
  • Enables access to Steam Input profiles created by other people
  • Enables the Steam Big Picture Overlay with PSOBB (required)
  • Makes PSOBB run on DirectX 9
  • (Optional) Shows you how to make PSOBB not demand Admin (Appendix A)

Step by Step Setup
  1. Close Steam if it is running and reopen it As Administrator (right click Steam -> Run as Administrator). If you want to never have to do this, check "APPENDIX A" below, and come back up here when done.

  2. Download d3d8to9 and put its d3d8.dll in your PSOBB folder (a copy of this is attached in case github is down). This makes PSO use DirectX9 instead of DX8 so that Steam Input can function. If you have ReShade installed, you already have this.

  3. If you haven't yet added Ephinea to Steam...
    Desktop Mode ---- Lower left corner: [+] ADD A GAME > Add a Non-Steam Game...
    • Wait 15 sec. for it to find Ephinea (may be listed as "online.exe") or use [Browse...]
      • [✓] Checkmark it on the left and hit [Add Selected Program] button
    Big Picture Mode -- Hit the ⚙ Gear icon in the upper right corner
    • Go to the [System] header, [Add Library Shortcut], scroll for & click Ephinea PSOBB / "online.exe"
  4. In Desktop Mode go into Steam Settings and from the In-Game category
    ENABLE "[✓] Use the Big Picture Overlay when using a Steam Input enabled controller from desktop"

  5. Click Controller category > [GENERAL CONTROLLER SETTINGS]
    • If you are using a Steam Controller make sure your Steam Controller is connected / working properly
    • If you are using a different controller
    • Check [✓] the checkbox(es) for the type(s) of controller you have.
    • Wait a little bit. Your controller should appear below Detected Controllers.
    • Click it. Select DEFINE LAYOUT. Using your mouse and keyboard to click each item, make sure each item is mapped properly. Double check! One thing wrong will cause massive headaches later! Do not forget to Save!
  6. If you want to be able to use community profiles made by other players you must have your Steam Shortcut named exactly the same as what they used. For now, I recommend you use "Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst" w/o quotes (that's what I use) but feel free to play around with your shortcut name in the future to find more profiles.

  7. You're almost done. Run the game. If everything is working properly, you should see the Steam Big Picture Overlay pop up in the lower right.

  8. If you find the controller buttons are not mapped right
    • (Non-Steam Controller) did you "DEFINE LAYOUT" properly?
    • Use your keyboard to navigate into the game.
    • Once you're in the lobby, press F12 key -> Options -> Pad Button Config.
    • Set everything to match the image below as a starting point:
  9. The Home Button on your controller will bring up the Big Picture Overlay, where you can reconfigure your controller.

  10. Have fun!
Some tips:
  • You have to always launch Ephinea from inside Steam, now. Also, if you use the Ephinea Launcher's Options [MORE] button, such as to increase the draw distance, you must quit the Launcher and relaunch from Steam to get the overlay to kick in.

  • Make sure PSOBB is the _first_ Steam game you launch. If you run two Steam games at the same time, PSOBB may lose gamepad control.
Not Have to Run Steam or PSOBB As Admin (Recommended)
The _only_ reason you must run Steam as Admin before PSO is because PSO itself demands Admin on every start. It is 100% possible to force PSOBB to run without Admin rights. Just to make sure, I checked with Tofuman on Discord to make sure it won't break anything. He told me that there is one and only thing -- I cover it in Step 1.
  1. Check where Ephinea is installed. If it is in C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\, then per Tofuman, following the rest of this will break Ephinea's updater. Uninstall the game and reinstall it anywhere else. The default C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\EphineaPSO is perfectly fine. Don't forget to re-whitelist this new location in your anti-virus.
  2. If you have previously enabled any "Compatibility" settings e.g. "XP Service Pack 2 Mode" on online.exe or psobb.exe, please remove those settings now. Such settings may undermine the rest of this.
  3. Download the ZIP attached to this post. Extract it. You will get two REG files - DON'T double click them (they won't benefit you yet). Pick one and right click:
    • _users.reg if you installed to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\EphineaPSO
    • _games.reg if you installed to C:\Games\EphineaPSO or similar
  4. In the Notepad window which appears, change the lines to match precisely where your own Ephinea is. Be warned: You need two \\ as directory dividers, not just one. Save.
  5. Right click the file you just edited, and merge it with the Windows Registry.
  6. Double click online.exe. If you did everything correctly, no UAC prompt will appear. The game will run perfectly fine otherwise.


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