The SHIP/BLOCK selection screen.


It was already mentioned in a previous post by a few other users, however today i'm making the proper thread regarding the current configuration of the SHIP/BLOCK selection screen for PSOBB.

Of course I understand this is gonna fall into a super low low low priority fix since it's just cosmetic but for the sake of completion I think it should be taken in consideration specially since a similar solution was just implemented on Ephinea not so long ago for the game type selection window of the PSO2/Dynamic drop style thingy...

The SHIP/BLOCK selection screen needs to show the online users and parties into the little information window that appears at the bottom after pressing TAB on them and not next to the SHIP names as appears currently.

Then the little black bar announcement at the top shoulndt be there in the first place, however it can be kept or turned on/off for additional information if needed.

This is a little sample pic of how it looks like in the official SEGA servers:


It should look like this


My mistake it only shows the SHIP name and number, online users and online parties in this order.

And the ship number before the ship name in the list of the top. very simple!

Aleron Ives

I was kind of wondering why Sega would have made the descriptions so much longer on BB. :lol: The box only said:

Users: x
Teams: y

on DC.


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In Neirene's picture there, it still is that brief.

It literally says

"925 Users"
"517 Parties".

Aleron Ives

That's not what I meant. I meant the original picture he posted with stuff crossed out and a simulated tooltip window. That one has a lot more text in it than the real screenshot.