The Easter Event has begun! (イースターイベント開始!)


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Server maintenance has completed.

The Easter Event has begun! Event Eggs can drop from any killed enemy. These items can drop at 1/2000 in Normal, 1/1800 in Hard, 1/1200 in Very Hard, and 1/500 in Ultimate. Additionally, they now receive a boost in the RBR quests (+15% with 1 player, +20% with 2 players, and +25% with 3 or 4 players).

More details can be found in the event thread:

Fixed an issue with the Seasons Shop introduced in the Linux port back in December.

The game and launcher were updated with a number of changes.

Restored and greatly improved the lightning effect for Dubchics reattaching their severed limbs or head. This effect was incorrectly rendered with a few issues--the texture wasn't loaded properly, the effect's origin points were wrong for a frame, rendered in the wrong coordinate system, and there was no clipping which would often cause a blinding effect when rendered behind the camera.

Implemented similar clipping for other lightning effects such as Gizonde. You may have noticed that using Gizonde on a target behind the camera would sometimes cover the screen. This should now be fixed.

Restored the lightning effect underneath Gal Gryphon during the lightning attack in Ultimate difficulty. This effect was not visible unless you were playing in 640x480.

Fixed the rendering of photon bullet trails. These were clipped incorrectly and usually invisible when your game's resolution was high enough.

Fixed rendering issues with the Sun and Lens Flare objects in Forest 1, Ultimate Dark Falz (before the fight), Temple Beta, and Barba Ray. The location of the flare wasn't centered on the screen and wasn't clipped to the edges of the viewport correctly.

When advanced effects are disabled, cloaked capture traps in Episode 2 will now render with 10% Alpha. These can be difficult to spot, but sometimes might be easier to spot than the advanced effects version depending on their location. Let us know what you think about this.

Added an option to the launcher to disable Motion Blur. Motion Blur exists only when advanced effects are enabled.

Added an option to the launcher to control whether Shifta, Deband, Jellen, and Zalure icons on the HUD are blinking or fading when running out. This effect occurs for the final 10% of their duration for a maximum of 30 seconds.

Fixed a few small entries in the English unitxt.

Implemented a change to fix the rendering distance and lifetime for many map particles. This should cause some particles to render correctly, such as the lightning in the background for Ultimate Falz, and also fix particles that would sometimes render and then disappear when moving out of range.

Let us know if you run into any issues with the changes.

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advanced effectsを無効にしている場合、EP2のトラバサミ系のトラップが10%アルファでレンダリングされるようになりました。見つけにくいトラップですが、場所によって胃はadvanced effectsを有効にしているときよりも見つけやすくなるかもしれません。本件について何かお気づきの点があればご意見をお聞かせください。

モーションブラーを無効にするオプションをランチャーに追加しました。モーションブラーはadvanced effectsが有効な場合にのみ発生します。




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