Tethealla Server Setup Instructions


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Just use the .DAT version, there's no practical reason to deal with SQL at all unless you expect more than 2000 accounts.


Appreciate the advice mt76907. It will just be Me and maybe 3 friends max.

The .Dat version still good enough? Sorry really new to all this MySQL / .DAT stuff.


i already made a private server when i follow all the step
and then the server just have me and my brother
i can login the server
and i use the HxD to edit the psobb.exe
every "" change my private fix IP
and i give this exe to my brother
after that i make sure he can login my server since the 'Login server' can see his IP
something like "Accepted LOGIN connection from 'my brother' IP'"
and he type his account and pw, press Start game, press the Enter again
but he cannot entry the scene that create or choose the character
just loading ever~

how can i fix this problem?


I'm not sure I understand entirely what you're saying but I'll try to help. It looks like your brother's client is not finding the server.
Unfortunately, blue burst will accept any user name and password combo, until you actually connect to the server it's not even used. He's hitting the login server, but what are the other 2 server windows telling you? It's been a while since I've ran tethealla (I literally got on here today to see if there was an update since I'm going to need a lan server soon), but I remember there's 3 different servers, one's the ship, ones the patch server, and the other is either the login or the character server. If you ever hit an infinite loading screen, its almost always in a handoff to one of these servers.

Also, some things to keep in mind.

The IP address needs to change to your public IP if your brother's computer is off your network (I.E. you don't live together), and the server actually needs to be listening to that IP address, with the appropriate ports forwarded in your router's settings page.
If you're both on the same network (I.E. connecting to the exact same router/modem.. it has to be the exact same device unless you have a dynamic dns network setup in which case that's more work), then you use your LAN IP (usually starts with 192.168.x.x or 10.0.x.x) and your server should listen to THAT IP address, not the public one. If your server is set up to listen to, it will only accept connections from your computer. Every thing will connect properly on your end but no one will be able to connect from outside your computer.
Also, turn off windows firewall if you have an actual router (not just a modem) as it serves no purpose but to make you have to do more work to allow things to connect (again, if you have an actual router, windows firewall serves no purpose since real routers have firewalls built in).

If I remember correctly, you can also set tethealla to listen to and it will accept all connections that connect to the correct ports, assuming your firewall allows the connection to see your computer. You'll still need the binaries configured properly (if you're running the server and your client on the same machine, that client can be set to connect to, but clients not on your computer will need your LAN or Public IP address).



Can anyone provide additional details into the NAT settings/configuration of the Tethealla Server Setup to allow connections from outside my network?

I've got the majority of things up and running.

- I have MySQL with patch, ship, and login servers running.
- I can connect locally to my server using Psobb.exe with private IP

As soon as I add my public IP to the tethealla.ini I'm unable to connect to my own server internally and I'm not sure how to allow for outside connections.

I have a comcast/Xfinity router. I believe my router has the necessary functionality.

I already have all of the necessary ports forwarded to the private IP of my server, that part was easy. I believe it's the routing of my public IP to the Private IP of my server that I need help with.

The router options I've been looking at are Port Triggering, DMZ, and Device Discovery (Enabling UPnP).

Initially I was trying to setup Port Triggering using the ship ports (5278 - 5280) but I'm not sure what the target ports should be. Am I heading in the right direction?

Does anyone know what the proper router settings/configurations are to allow for outside connections?



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Comcast routers don’t allow connection to your public IP from your private IP.

You probably already have it working just fine for others if you have your public IP set in your INI, port forwarding set up and have given them an executable with your public IP address or host in it.

But with a Comcast router and your public IP in the INI, you won’t be able to connect to yourself. Comcast routers don’t support NAT loopback.

You’ll need to disable the Comcast router and/or set bridge mode and buy another router to use if you want both the public to be able to connect to you as well as being able to connect to yourself.


Thanks for the quick response.

I appreciate the confirmation from you that I likely had everything setup correctly, that puts my mind at ease a bit.

I went ahead and ordered a new Netgear router/modem that supports NAT loopback, C6230, as listed here on Netgear's website: Netgear Routers/Modems - NAT Loopback

It should be arriving tomorrow. Once I get it connected I'll spend some time playing around with it to see if I can get things going.

At least now I can stop spending countless hours trying to get something to work that wasn't going to work :p



I'm trying to get outside connections to work and so far I've not had any luck.

I went ahead and bought a modem/router that supports NAT loopback. I don't know if this is something I need to enable or setup but I was at least able to connect to myself while my tethealla.ini had my public IP. Something I wasn't able to do before.

My friend was also able to connect and create a character. They can see my ship name but aren't able to connect to it. I believe they just get a connection error, something telling them to check their cable.

Can anyone help me out in allowing outside connections using my public IP?

Edit: I may have got it working.. Please standby :D

Edit2: I got it working ^_^ so happy, never thought this would be real lol

Thanks for making this!
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Lost me at step 4 5 and 6 as I have no clue what any of that means whatsoever. I know literally nothing about SQL.


Lost me at step 4 5 and 6 as I have no clue what any of that means whatsoever. I know literally nothing about

1. If using the .DAT version, skip to step 6

If you have no clue about sql and have no will to learn about it then you should use .dat instead.


I spend all day setting my Server up, and it works. I can play and can use every feature.

But somehow im not able to hex edit the Executables, so they would connect to my Server if i would give them do my friends. Since i cant find any Ip to change.

Also if i edit the Teathealla.ini to have my IP, the Login_server.exe says that the Directonary doesnt exist [Enter] to exit.

Maybe it is the Simplest Step, and im just Stupid xD but some help would be appreciated

Ps. Im using the Dat. Versions


So I been messing around for fun with the files is there a way I can change a user's password? I opened the account.dat file in notepad and it's all mumble jumbo

unrelated note: Do we have an event list? I put 1 for event and it looks like its the christmas one and haven't done any other checks just yet