Tethealla PSOBB, MySQL - View/Edit Account Password



I was wondering how to view/edit the stored passwords for Tethealla PSOBB MySQL stored in psobb.account_data.

The majority of values stored in this table are human readable but the password appears to be an encrypted or hashed varchar(33).

How would I go about either decrypting this string to view the actual password and/or how would I create a new varchar(33) to update that password?

Basically, I'm trying to figure out how to 1 read that varchar(33) as the entered password and also how to create a new varchar(33) for a new password in order to update the table.

Initially I thought it may have been a computed column but I don't see any formula attached to that field. I'm guessing the account_add.exe is encrypting/changing the password and simply storing the varchar(33) in the table.

I was also curious, not as important but what is psobb.bank_data? I've noticed that the data contained in psobb.character_data contains the bank data for each character. I routinely copy this data and check it in game. Copying this data copies both character and bank inventories. This is why I'm not sure what bank_data is used for. Again, not as important but if you know what it is please share.



why would you want to view someone's password unless you want to do something illegal like fraud?

decoding the password would have to bruteforced. Please learn about "HASHING" please.


If a user wants to change their password or if I want to change mine or if anyone forgets their password, I need the ability to view and edit them...


As greggs said, you can't read the passwords as they are hashed instead of encrypted.

Since you are using the mysql version, you can make a (php) script to update the password instead.
Iirc the hashing is md5(password_regtime_salt) (substuting the password for the desired password and regtime for the value stored in the db)
Since you can see the regtime value in your db, you could even update the password manually with any online md5 hashing service.
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