Tethealla (forum)


Is the OLD Tethealla read only section forever gone?
And is the Teth project no longer available for download free personal use?

I have an archived version of the software somewhere from about.... 5 years ago, but wanted to recommend it to someone that wanted to run a LAN version with custom preferences for a weekend play kind of thing, but pioneer2.net automagically re-directs to Ephinea now,

so... just wondered where the Teth project stands now (thanks for Teth and Ephinea YO!) :cool:

okay okay, I checked the internet archive and Teth project was up until early this year it seems, but it didnt index every page.

a shame I couldnt view those 03/02/2002: 17 more FSAA screenshots images either hahahah

'Tethealla' is too much of a common phrase to search, so I apologise if it has a subsection already but I cant see it because I'm durrrrr

And why are GMX email addresses not allowed to register ?!! :|


It's all good, as you can see, after a while of getting everything back up Soda decided to put a server up.
And of course it needed forum and such.