Team "sent" item


Answering a question over Ultima, regarding to the team send item function, came across this that looks not correct.

As you can see the menu says "Sent item" and well yeah. Should that be corrected to say "send"?
Also will the whole function work?... while answering that, the idea of sending items to offline team-mates came to my mind, you would send an item and if the player is offline, keep it in the database to make the player receive the item when logging in.
No idea if that was on Sega's but would be something cool I guess, probably not used often so idk, just leaving it out there.


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The function works on Ephinea. It doesn't work if the player is offline. Actually I don't believe the option is available if the player is offline IIRC.

Also the Unitxt has quite a few broken english/typos. We'll need to go through and fix them really.


If the player is offline the option is greyed out, only works when they are online that's how it worked on the official server so it's correct on Ephinea (・∀・)


I never said it was incorrect (offline send), just was leaving an idea out there... but as the client greys it out might not be possible.