Team Reboot...

How badly do you want to be in team Reboot?

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Consummate vegetable eater.
We are a two and a half player team including 3 RL friends (two of which are siblings).

We soon hope to reach our goal of a team flag and unlocking PoD!

Team Roster:
Leader - Player
Cohort 1 - Fotato
Cohort 2 - KA-05
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Were a friendly "casual" team. Our goal is to build each other up to be a strong team. So if you're a "Player" looking for people to play with or someone to show you around ragol were the team for you.

Team requirements.
1. Forum Account. you must pm me for invite but feel free to flag me down in game if you wanna play.
2. Good attitude. If you hate someone talk shit about them in GC or PM to a friend no reason to make someone feel bad unless there a jerk lol
3. Must be willing to play with lower level players. We accept all players of all skill levels, If you don't like that someone is "bad" teach them.

If the team ever picks up I will be starting a raidcall, and where i don't think it should be Mandatory to be on you'd be missing out on alot of the fun of being a team.

Have fun out there hunters.
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