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Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by Ichan, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Ichan

    Ichan Member

    Ok first long time no see. Second been a bit bored as im sure we all have been and just messing with the sources and ive done everything i wanted too with features commands and stuff.

    So my only issue is im a bit confused when it comes to the tagging of enemies and exp sharing.
    no matter how i change it in the ship source it doesnt effect it. I am moving on to the client next but any pointers would help immensely.

    Also changing/removing the last hit exp reduction also does nothing server side.
  2. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    Tethealla does not have the EXP sharing feature. You'd have to code it yourself from scratch.
  3. Ichan

    Ichan Member

    Yes i got that. Do not think i'm rude when i say that i mentioned i changed the source up. i sent the messaged to all clients and it wasn't working. the exp packets are the only packets giving me issues as it still regards the enemies as not tagged. so i understand if you you don't want to help or share any information on the subject.

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