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Dreamcast Developer/Sylverant Author
While it's not exactly new (we've been around since 2009), I guess it doesn't hurt to mention it here for those of you who might not know about us...

Sylverant is an open-source PSO server with at least some support for all versions of the game. We're focused on the Dreamcast, PC (not Blue Burst), and Gamecube (Episodes I & II) versions of the game. Sylverant does not run Tethealla, but rather its own software which has been written almost exclusively by me.

If you're looking for a place to enjoy a bit of online time on your Dreamcast or Gamecube, then we might be just the place for you! We're a friendly community that will welcome almost anyone (as long as you aren't there just to create havoc or to steal our content).

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Now for a bit of history on the project, for anyone interested... Sylverant actually began out of my interest in the Tethealla open source code and was originally going to be just a port of it to Unix-like systems. However, this quickly proved somewhat unwieldy. I pushed my modifications off to the side for a bit until I noticed that the 10th anniversary of the Dreamcast's release was quickly approaching. At that point I decided to switch gears a bit and instead focus on the Dreamcast version of the game. What followed was a complete rewrite of the code in about a month's time -- enough to convince PSOv1 for the Dreamcast to connect and play by September 9, 2009. Since that time the project has been more or less active, with continuous improvements to add pretty much full support for many other versions of the game (PSOv2, PSO for PC, Episode I & II for Gamecube).