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Unsure if this has been done before, but I'll go for it anyway just in case. I'm just wondering if the animations on mag feeding could somehow be lessened. The fact that I have to wait for the stat bars to adjust every time I feed an item is actually pretty annoying when I'm grinding mag feeds. Also keep in mind that (if I'm not mistaken) this doesn't actually decrease the amount of time between mag feeds because that time resets right when you feed your first item. It simply decreases the amount of time spent feeding each time by a few seconds, which would be very nice.

So on behalf of all mag feeders I'm wondering whether this could be a thing.


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Just FYI... if you close the whole menu via F4 or something (if not F4, maybe F12 or Esc) you can reopen mag menu immediately and skip the bar going up and down animation. If you're only feeding one mag it's actually not bad and feeds very quickly, with more than 1 mag you need a lot of APM though.
I know, but that does involve a little bit of quick fingerwork which I'm not great with, and likely wouldn't even be bothered to do if I was (especially because, like you said, not great with multiple mags). Thanks v much for the suggestion, though.
@richarddavis there are plenty of soft fixes that can be made to the game to optimise. i do understand that its definitely for better quicker gameplay, but people like me disagree with it purely based on the fact that it is/was not in the original game. pso2 style drops are one thing i certainly believe in; they fix a lot of issues. but the amount of coding and updates (which probably isnt that much if i know anything about code) probably isnt worth saving players such a small amount of time. mag feeding in lobby, however, would be huge, and i think its one of the most commonly suggested soft changes to the game. because of this hugeness though, its just another thing that i personally dont quite believe in solely due to its impurity from the original title as intended by sega.
also dont grind mag farms imo. not worth keeping and too hard to sell.
I wouldn't put too much stock in not changing things just because they weren't in the original game. Plenty of stuff on this server is made to optimize gameplay that was not in the original game; PSO2 drops, resetting materials, and the like. I just mean that if it's a quick fix (quick being whatever Soda determines it to be, it's his thing to decide whether to use time on, after all) that will save players time for the entirety of this server's lifetime, it could definitely be worth it, and I think it's just another small thing that people (including me) would greatly appreciate.


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Press F4, feed, Press F4 twice.
Doesn't require uber micro, just have functioning fingers. It wasn't hard when I first started on this server and I was carrying 4 mags.

This reminded me that I need to finish one of my mags, thank you.
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There is no need to change anything. Waste of time and effort for Sodaboy to look into for something as small as this.

Learn how to F4 quickfeed if you think it's "too slow" assuming you are trying to mag feed and play the game at the same time.

Otherwise, just create a mag feeding party to allocate some time for dedicated mag feeding only.


Even if it were slightly more convenient, I can't see this actually saving a significant amount of time when you must already wait several minutes between feedings and you usually have to pause to buy items anyway. If you are in a situation where those seconds are precious — like actually playing — you probably shouldn't be so focused on the mag anyway. I know it can feel slow, but it seems like a mostly psychological effect as it will hardly matter in the end. I just did eight mags at once, and by time I got to the end it was close enough time to feed them again that doing anything other than dedicated feeding was largely impractical, as is being so exactingly punctual most of the time.

As far as speed tips go though, manually arranging items so that the item to be fed is on top of the feedable items can help a lot as often there is only one item that needs to be fed at a time. You can practically button-mash this way with little worry.


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I think this would cause more issues actually, because some people would like to know if their mag is suddenly giving defense and might not notice if there's no bar to indicate it (and same for other stats, plus it'd be easier to see how much you're getting). This is especially the case if something gives +1.

Sure, you can look up charts, but you shouldn't have to be doing that.

Also the kind of suggestion that's really a non-issue in the first place... I feel like a lot of recent suggestions don't really add or fix anything and are the kind of small things that shouldn't have time put into. There's a somewhat large to-do list (I'm assuming this is for Ephinea despite being in the wrong forum) and suggestions should really be something feasible and something that adds / fixes an issue.

Also I'm gonna put this here but: If it's something client-related (i.e. it's not something the server handles, such as this), it's a lot harder to actually make changes to it. Anything is possible, but if it'd take a lot of work, chances are it's not going to be done unless it's something that's a significant addition or change.
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sorry, i wasn't paying attention. Saw someone wanting faster mag feed, there is already a way.. soo .. i replied. i was just going through the suggestions, ill pay attention to the last post date next time!


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sorry, i wasn't paying attention. Saw someone wanting faster mag feed, there is already a way.. soo .. i replied. i was just going through the suggestions, ill pay attention to the last post date next time!

Why so apologetic? I only mentioned it out of amusement. You have done nothing wrong. Plus Your post still stands xD