Some suggestions for the Client


I wanted to suggest two little changes to the next release of the Tethealla client:

1- Allow only one instance of the client to be opened at a time instead of unlimited ones, while I understand that multi clienting might be useful I think the game might behave in a wrong way if this option is not enforced and have more than 2 client windows opened (specially for users that prefer to use the gamepad vs a keyboard!)

2- Allow the game to be started only from the online.exe (or any other kind of launcher), by enforcing this, there wont be any more confusions on the people trying to load the game directly from the PSOBB.exe and entering into an infinite update loop because the game cannot update the data files correctly.

This are suggestions based on some feedback i've seem from users and players in the last couple of days here on the forums.
Thank you for your time~


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1. I think while registering multiple accounts are allowed stopping multi-client would cause problems for players that wish to transfer any items between their other accounts. Sure they could have a friend log into the account for them but that is a recipe for disaster. Other than that I wonder why players would run 2 clients at once. to complete a solo run of cmode maybe or boost their bmode scores...

2. Could do this. Depends on what others think about it. It was stated in the welcome message as you join to launch using online to apply any client patches.


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Can run 2 clients at once for solo Shifta while still retaining Cast's traps. I don't really see that as a big issue myself though.


falkenjeff said:
People don't just use it to transfer their gear. They also use it to transfer their massive amounts of useful items (eg: 1000 grinders/materials/etc) to clean up their main accounts bank.

On topic:

Please do not get rid of multi-clienting. It is useful for transferring items between accounts by yourself instead of relying on someone else to help transfer the items for you.

E.g., Grinders, materials, S-Rank weapons, etc.


If you want to use 2 or more clients without having the controller issues...
  • disconnect your controller
  • open 1 client instance
  • connect your controller
  • open another client instance
This way only the second client will capture your controller, of course can be a little difficult if you go for 3 or more but then would be weird that many clients.

Back on topic, I really disagree with enforcing just 1 instance. I have never seen any misbehavior while using 2+ clients at a time besides the usual crashes that happens even running only 1, controller/keyboard see above.

I don't know what kind of Issues would occur allowing the game to start only from the launcher, but not all people use the same launcher, for example Lee's ("custom" for ultima?), Sodaboy's (original?), Tofuman's and even I made one. Could do this for Ephinea I guess but I would prefer not in the public release.


Well since this suggestions seems very impopular what about if it's included as a "setting" along with many others into the upcoming tethealla exe maker when the new binaries are released this way you give the flexibility to everyone to create servers to their needs as much as possible.