Sodaboy's Proxy on a Local Server?


Hey guys. I can't seem to get it to work, I'm prob just inept at this.

I'll just explain what I've done and tried in detail to help troubleshoot.

I got a Tethealla server (.dat) setup locally and Hex edited login_server.exe TethVer12510 > TethVer12513 so I could connect with the latest client PSOBB.exe. This all works fine.

Now with Sodaboy's Proxy setup to my localhost server ip it just sits on "Attempting to accept connection."

Trying different things I eventually saw that if I stop my patch server from running the proxy actually lets psobb.exe to connect to my server anyway! From my understanding it actually did something but then the proxy just gets stuck on "Opening TCP port 12000 for main connection" and doesn't work.

Then if I close the login server the proxy spams a ton of "Accepted Connection" and "Closing old proxy server socket" over and over until at some point the program just closes it self. Of course it doesn't work and neither can I log in anymore.

I can only assume I'm doing something wrong and/or the proxy doesn't like being ran with the server hosting software at the same time.

I would appreciate any help, thanks!


I haven't messed with the proxy... but iirc you need the same bbtable on all (server, proxy and client)


Sorry I don't know what you mean by bbtable. Closest I see is a bb_items.txt in both the server and proxy directory that has differences between them but using the same one doesn't seem to make a difference. (Nor do I see that file in the actual client.)


Oh I see you meant in the source code.

So I created a bbtable.h using this viewtopic.php?t=102
Server Source:
Proxy Source: ... 7E&group=0

Built new login_server and proxy using it.... and same exact problem, no difference. :?

Edit: Actually there is a difference, somehow by doing this after selecting a Ship I can no longer select a block. (Not using Proxy.)

So I can only assume I'm doing something wrong along the way.... not sure what.


Your issues are probably due to two applications listening on the same port if you are running the server on the same computer as the client/proxy and nothing to do with bbtable...