Since my return to PSO since my Gamecube days, I've been stashing just about anything I pick up. Needless to say, I've amassed a bit of a horde... SO! I've decided to take inventory, and invite anyone to browse at their leisure. Also, all sales are final, barring extenuating circumstances.

I'm by no means an expert/veteran, so my Inventory is listed as it is in the bank. No specific type of sorting.

Thanks to the frank review of my stock by a friend, I have dumped half my original inventory and listed some better items.

Dragon Slayer 0/0/0/20|35
Dragon Slayer 0/0/0/15|35
Diska of Liberator 20/0/0/0|25
Varista +20 0/0/0/0|15

Spirit Gladius 0/0/0/30|35
Demon's Gladius +5 0/0/0/0|40
Spirit Calibur 25/0/0/0|15
Blizzard Ripper +1 0/0/35/25|15
Spirit Gungnir +7 0/0/0/45|50
Gush Gungnir +5 0/0/20/0|20
Burning Raygun +3 45/0/0/40|35
Charge Raygun +9 0/0/0/0|35
Burning Laser +5 25/0/0/0|35
Blizzard Vulcan 0/0/0/40|40
Charge Club +9 0/0/0/40|25

DB's Shield

Ogre/Power x3
Angel/Mind x2
Elf/Arm x3
Elf/Legs x5
Dragon/HP x2
Metal/Body x3
Angel/Luck x3
HP/Revival x 5
Wizard/Technique x2
Cure/Poison x2
Cure/Paralysis x2


**Hardcore items to be added soon**
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