Short maintenance 6/5/2016 UTC 15:00


Staff member
There will be a short maintenance on 6/5/2016 at UTC 15:00. (Pacific 08:00, Eastern 11:00)

The following changes will be made to the server:

- Hunter's Boost Road stats will be reset and the road switched to the Mop-up quests for Episode 1. (Apologies for the delay on this.)
- When dropping rare items on the ground, you can confirm the item the server thinks it is by a notification to the right. (In case of a desync.)
- If, by some how, you manage to attempt to sell a rare item through a desync (picking a common item client side but server side item id is desynced), the server will no longer allow the transaction to go through and display a desync banner.
- /lobby cooldown will be eliminated in Sandbox mode.