Server Settings? (ie Difficulty Restrictions)


Hi two questions:

1) Does the server support a means of restricting difficulties based on levels yet? I can't figure out what I need to tweak or where to look. (I'll be honest, I'm clueless.)

2) Similarly is there a way to lock areas until the original prerequisites to unlock that area are fulfilled?

I can understand #1 not being available already since other functions are probably a higher priority, and I think Sega might have eventually go rid of what I'm asking about on the vanilla servers so it wouldn't surprise me if that's not in the works.

Thanks again!


the level unlock was done a long time ago. you could probly code it back in. and level restrictions are set by the server. If the client needs changing that shouldnt be too hard.


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Sega did indeed remove the restriction to areas on PSOBB not too long after PSOBB was released due to player feedback. They also removed the function that reduced the players EXP on death. It's all possible to put back into the client though. But probably wouldn't be met with positive feedback from a majority of your community. I've not looked into implementing this in PSOBB. For me it made sense on offline versions of the game such as the dreamcast. It gave you a challenge. For PSOBB players generally want to get online and player with friends. And not have to complete a Forest - Ruins run before they are able to.

The Restriction for difficulties based on player level is in place however. And changes to the requirements is straight forward. You'll need to update the ship code. On the current release of the code it can be found starting at line 12456.


Awesome and seemed easy at first. But not I'm having trouble compiling everything back together, starting another thread.