"Seccy" A Section ID calculator for Android devices

Discussion in 'Tools' started by MagicLuthee, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Aleron Ives

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    It would be more compact to just say V1 V2 V3, if you're short on space.
  2. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    True, though not all "potential users" know that naming scheme :(

    Edit: I've made some parts of the UI wider, displaying all 4 platform names shouldn't be a problem.
  3. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    I implemented a few of the changes (don't mind the warning sign, Android Studio's Device Emulator acts like a real thing to the point of displaying a notification about me not having set up a google account on the device >_<) :


    Should my app react to device orientation changes ? Right now Landscape mode is an afterthought, I'd need to design the UI for it (I mean I'd need to use the extra horizontal space for something, right now can only either stretch UI containers and it looks weird, or not stretch at all and it looks thin/pillarboxed)

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  4. Soly

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    Stretch console since there is not much to do but make BB 2 columns?
  5. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Yeah, only I'd have 3 BB groups (HU/RA/FO), I /could/ fit two one beside the other and put the last one centered below. (3 groups could only fit in a 18/9 screen ratio, but probably not in a 16/9 one without seriously downsizing them)

    I didn't mention, but right now if everything can't be displayed vertically one has to scroll down.

    Gif of WIP landscape UI: (on a low-DPI Virtual Device with resolution of 480x800)
    There's a couple better ways to do this but they're too advanced for me (stuff like UI Fragments).

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  6. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    I'm searching for a simpler way to build a layout for Portrait (vertical) and Landscape (horizontal) orientations, right now it's a bit of a pain to maintain. I'm using one EditText for name entry, a Scroll View (red in the image) whose child is a GridLayout which contains the "table" (the BB rectangle simply occupies multiple rows) and it's children are what displays Section ID badges... etc


    Maybe if I made each "class" subsection it's own "table" I could then more easily move them around when building higher-DPI versions of the interface. Right now with only one table it's rather rigid, I can't for instance put HU / RA beside one another and FO centered below them (cf. Gif in previous post) :(
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  7. MagicLuthee

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    Unrelated to Seccy, I put together a very basic Mag Timer (with "beep") and Swatch Internet Time (PSO @Time) app some time ago.
    (Never found out how to make @Time blink for an instant when incrementing, had a bit of a chicken and egg situation with a runnable thread that changes displayed text every few miliseconds)
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  8. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    So, while experimenting with yet another UI design I learnt about Constraint Layouts and how to make "chains" of UI elements.
    So I made a UI that has two big advantages:
    - Automatically scales to higher resolutions and bigger screen sizes.
    - Works on Android 4.x too

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  9. Xira

    Xira Prepare for Descent...

    Just wanted to chime in and post my appreciation - I have this app, and it's awesome. Fast, effective, does exactly what it says it does, and no ads <3.

    I love the redesign! Though currently on the iconic view, I can lightning fast see all the search results for a name by just free-typing, without having to hit Enter and close the keyboard. If List is made default, my KB will cover all search results RAcaseal onward, and I'll have to hit Enter to view - my on screen keyboard can be _very_ slow / laggy to open or close at times (I'm on an older phone). Please consider an option to use/keep the old iconified view, similar to how Windows has different view options?

    Also, I have some other ideas for the future:
    • Show/hide search results -- if you only play on BB, hide DC/PC/GC/XB -- or select which class results to display e.g. if one never plays as RAcaseal, hide it from the results). This would also serve as a means to address the above issue.

    • Pressing on result brings up icon to save to a list of favorite name/ID/class combos ;)
    Thank you so much for working on this!
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  10. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Hi, thanks for the kind words @Xira . Here's the latest screenshots from a not-yet released build based on the "classic" black background design.

    Changes :
    - Replaced Section ID icons with ones I've drawn myself (available on my github at 4096x4096 and in SVG form under the name "vector-seid")
    - Added names on Section ID's for newcomers
    - Added N/A icon to more explicitly show when calculation isn't possible (and to show the app hasn't bugged out)
    - Near-full code rewrite

    Thanks for your suggestions as well, though as I'm still learning android app design/coding I've yet to learn how to make a kind of "flex" grid (web-design term), which would hide a class and it's badge and reallocate screen space to the other ones when touching a specific element (I'd need to ad a "reset" option/button too).

    By the way, what brand/model is your phone ? Do you know what Android version you're running ? (that way I could create a "virtual device" in Android Studio and test my app as if it were running on your phone (and OS version) to make sure the newest code still displays the same way on it).

    Here's a look at the dev view on a 3.7" 800x480 screen :

    About the more "experimental" User Interface I showed off, I probably won't ever force a radical UI change onto users. I've been making commits to my personal version of the app on github with a UI which is different from the "classic" you're used to, that version isn't private but I'm not making public releases based on it either. I'm not skilled enough to add a menu to switch between layouts/themes and to be honest I'm unsure how I feel about adding something like that to such a simple app.
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  11. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    New Release (v1.3.1) available on Google Play and Github.

    Update: Major crash (which was due to a Proguard issue) has been fixed.

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  12. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Release v1.3.2 has been available for a while, sorry for the late changelog.

    Update :
    • Far better support for m/h/xh dpi tablets
    • A bug which occured when fully erasing a name has been fixed

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