Rare item message


Probably insignificant, but earlier today I picked up a regular cane and the message appeared that I had received a rare item


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Speaking of which, yesterday I found two Diska of Liberator (same game) and neither me nor the other player received any message.


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The rare message should only occur if the drop is from the drop tables. I can't see a Cane in the current drop tables so that is quite strange. We'll need to enable logging to debug the issue because the star value offset is definitely correct.

I assume that the Cane remained a cane when it was in your inventory?


Oddly enough whenever I pick up a rare red box weapon it doesn't display the message that I've picked up a rare weapon.


I find this odd. As I found a Branch of Paku Paku after you turned this on, and a Hildebear Head and it said their names. However I also haven't found so much as a PD since. And that's after farming the first half of Lost Heat Sword for hours.
I was playing with my brother yesterday and twice we got the message that he picked up a special weapon, when actually it was just an unidentified Halbert both times. Worked fined with the other actual special weapons we found though.