question about teth security

legit nyck

is there any program or code to prevent players use hacks or cheats on tethealla servers?
I would like to learn about it :D


If only it was that simple. As a general rule : best thing you can do is check as much as you can on the server side and never trust the client. Memory altering programs and proxies can unfortunately easily be used by anyone without requiring much skills.

Making PSO hacker proof is an unreachable goal. You can only make it more annoying to do so.


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Basically, echoing what Chuk said, making PSO hackproof is impossible. Rightfully so due to how the game is designed to have most of its movement and things client side to both reduce input lag, latency and what not to a smoother experience.

All it takes is a memory editor for some fun and things like GameGuard attached to executables can be stripped out or faked.

You could make it harder for people to use proxies, though, by changing up and obfuscating the encryption code in the client and making the server code match... But that really only delays someone reverse engineering whatever you've changed and updating their proxy.

You could even take it a step further and change how packets are constructed altogether, but again... That only delays the inevitable. PSO just isn't, and never will be, a secure game.

legit nyck

Thank you for answer one last question as I recall psobb in sega when it opened the game a mini small screen opened together and a mini patch was updated the game guard It was an anti cheat right? Anyone know how for that to work out exactly how it worked on sega? may not be the ultimate weapon against hacks but would be helpful Unfortunately most of my countrymen don't know play legitimately and prefer the use of this crap they say lee and crono those who are tired of using that prefer drastic modifications in the game client as is the case with another Brazilian pioneer website here Sorry for the drama xD If you can help me in this matter


Game guard:
Patch 1
12510 : 008C1104
12513 : 008C3159

Patch 2
12510 : 0084D665
12513 : 0082CB8A

Patch 3
12510 : 0084D78A
12513 : 0082CCAE

Patch 4
12510 : 0084D7BE
12513 : 0082CCE2

But by telling you where i disabled game guard on 12513, i just told all your cheaters how to turn it back off again if you try to re enable it. good luck with that, although to be frank, you're not smart enough to make the changes to the server needed to use gamegard anyway, let alone the exe.