PSOGC HiRes HUD Resource Pack (for latest Dolphin ver.)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by MagicLuthee, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. MagicLuthee

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    License :


    Project Goal :

    - Recreate the look of the original UI but in High Resolution

    Project Details :

    - It is not an upscale.
    - Made in Adobe Illustrator (a vector graphics software) which means "master-files" are resolution-independent.

    Shortcomings (as of right now) :

    - Work on a font replacement has not yet started because...
    - Working on-and-off I managed to dump 300+ slight variations of the "real" font texture and am beginning to think it might be impossible to dump them all... I need to replace all of them with high-res ones, or else some textboxes will still show low-res text.

    Revision History :

    v0.4.1 Beta
    - Shading has been re-done from scratch on several HUD elements (for better faithfulness)

    Download (DDS @ 4 x IR) :


    About Me :

    Born in the late eighties, not a professional artist, would label myself as a "vector graphics enthusiast".

    Contact & Progress Updates :

    Eleriaqueen's Twitter

    Support this project and/or me directly :

    Eleriaqueen's Tip Jar

    [Win 10]
    Put the zip file downloaded in "Releases" section of the github page into "ResourcePacks" directory located under "Documents/Dolphin Emulator/"

    Use "Load Custom Textures" as well as "Prefetch custom textures" settings in Options->Graphics->Advanced

    (You can switch "Load Custom Textures" off and on during gameplay)
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  2. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    There's a new version coming soon-ish, with dozens of fixes and a much higher %-age of the UI done (you might be surprised how many more UI elements have been done), of course most of the UI isn't final.

    I'll probably also add an optional link to the port of (Google's) Roboto font for PSO I did a while back.
  3. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Updated download link with 0.1.0-beta, tons more assets are included !
    Roboto font for PSO is included too.
    Please try the resource pack, comments/ideas are appreciated :)

    Also added Original vs HiRes comparison pictures to original post.
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  4. Echelon

    Echelon PSOBB plastic surgeon

    It looks amazing, keep up the good work.
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  5. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Started working on version 0.1.1

    Inventory Tab - 0.1.0.png <- before (rounded square)

    Inventory Tab - 0.1.1.png <- after (ellipse shaped)

    Asset Txt@2x.png <- Added to main window (used in multiplayer UI)

    PB Count Original.png <- Before
    PB Count Remade.png <- After

    Squares - 0.1.0.png <- Before
    Squares - 0.1.1.png <- After

    Radial Map Button - 0.1.0.png

    Radial Map Button - 0.1.1.png

    File Icons - 0.1.0.png

    File Icons - 0.1.1.png
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  6. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

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  7. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Sorry for neglecting this thread, version 0.2.0-Beta has been available for download for some time (see Original Post for link).
    I'm actively working on this project still... :)

    (Updated original post with a more up-to-date "HD" image)
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  8. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Version 0.3.0-Beta3 is available for download.

    By the way, I'm experimenting and going down the colourful rabbit hole that is theme creation...

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  9. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Two more colour themes I made, yay for diversity !
    GPOP8P-38.png GPOP8P-30.png
    (Don't mind the shining effect on the upper left UI, it's entirely PSO's fault XD)


    Original (official) UI is full of little issues like this one where two elements were badly drawn and so one kinda "bleeds" through :


    I solved this issue in my UI :

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  10. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    Now if only you had a Dreamcast UI theme. :p
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  11. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Good suggestion, that being said I don't know the extent of the work that's needed for that. But design-wise from what I can tell Dreamcast UI is very basic. @Aleron Ives , O Dreamcast God, can you procure me with the extracted dreamcast UI texture files ? :p (they are paletted too right ? I have no idea how to work around that)
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  12. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    Well, the DC textures are stored in PVR format, so the only way to manipulate them completely is with the PhotoShop PVR plugin that comes with the Dreamcast SDK. VMT is able to extract BMP images if that's all you need, though. Which files contain relevant HUD information besides f256_hyouji.prs?
  13. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    I have a question : Are there any UI differences between PSO and V.2 ?

    Hmm it seems there's also an app called PuyoTools handles various formats like XVR / GVR ... etc
    Edit : Yes it works well, I can extract PNG files from a [PVR + PVP] pair for paletted textures and simply PVR for non-paletted ones.

    Extracting PRS files from the GDI image was a pain, had to have it in CDI format else GDROM Explorer errored out (had a GDI + 3x BIN before that and could only extract files from first track which was a dummy)

    At first glance doing a PSO DC UI will require drawing the whole thing (which isn't an issue as it'll only take time and effort), most elements I did for my "standard" HD UI won't be of any use.
    Stuff like "Action Palette" is quite different, GC uses a "radial" type UI while DC used a "diamond" shaped one. I need to make sure DC type can actually fit onto the GC texture sheet, if not I'll have to get creative ^^

    Misc :
    I replaced images in-game screenies in original post.
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  14. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Here's an attempt, many elements will have to be adapted and cannot retain their "DC" shape.

    @Aleron Ives would people still use a not-exactly lookalike PSODC UI ?
    Or should I not bother with that approach and simply do a colour theme for PSOGC UI ?
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  15. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    The only difference I can think of is that V1 is missing the icon for the quick menu. When you hold R, you still see the chat icon on the Y button.

    There's no point in trying to keep the DC Action Palette shape, because then the button press effects will be broken and require a bunch of code changes to fix. IMHO it makes more sense to keep the GC Action Palette layout, but use the style of the DC one, assuming you can figure out a way to keep it looking kind of diamond shaped while keeping the GC button layout.
  16. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    With PSOGC style radial elements.

    I can give them a blocky shape though. ^_^

    Further Progress (inc. palette icons)

    Companion / Team Mate UI Element

    Start Menu (adaptation)

    It's coming along nicely !

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  17. Aleron Ives

    Aleron Ives Member

    That's looking shmexy. :D
  18. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Fixed PB Gauge shape being weird, it's position was slightly altered as well.
    Modified "Player Gem" position.
    Modified "Player Gem" shape to reflect PB Gauge shape.

    Edit : Fixed some more things :
    Modified left most part of the HUD so that it ends in a point rather than a "bevel".


    Fixed "Companion / Team Mate HUD" shape to be in line with main HUD and "player gems", it was really wrong before...


    Edit 2 : "Plugged" a hole in the HUD...

    GPOP8P-48.png GPOP8P-52.png
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  19. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Improvements have been made thanks to Aleron Ives who provides useful suggestions.
    Left side of HUD is more accurate.
    - Cyan border is closer to "Lv" text.
    - Reduced "empty space" between PB gauge and leftmost end of the HUD. (It's pretty much impossible to have it perfectly looking like on DC because "Lv" text seems to be displayed slightly more to the left on GC than on DC)
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  20. MagicLuthee

    MagicLuthee Member

    Hey so I worked a bit on "Companion / Team Mate" HUD element :
    - Reduced space between upper cyan border and HP Bar.
    - Reduced bottom "slope" size (On GC, team mate name is drawn quite a bit lower than on DC though...)
    - Reduced space between "Lv" Text and lower cyan border.
    - Reduced space between bottom cyan border and team mate "Gem" as well as between upper-left cyan border and "Gem".
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