PSOBB.exe has stopped working

I just started here and I can't even try out the game.
After clicking play, this happens.
Proof :
OS: Windows 8
CPU : INTEL Core i7
GPU : Nvidia 750M
RAM: 8gb

EDIT : I forgot to mention, I have 2 graphics cards/drivers.
Nvidia 750M and Intel HD Graphics

EDIT 2: I resolved the issue!
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Well, would it be something like directx or the operating system?
Is there any data I can collect by running a program or something?
Maybe that would help resolve the issue.


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could be something to do with login issues people are having right now, but if not try running as administrator, or changing the resolution in launcher/turn off "advanced effect"


Did the installation finish correctly?
If you have some missing/corrupted files it will crash like that.

For me advanced effect causes issues only in fullscreen and windows 10, specifically hanging at the ship selection.
The resolution would make the client disappear instantly instead of crashing like that.


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If that happens clicking play on the launcher, you definitely have missing files (probably in the data.gsl). Try reinstalling.
Figures as much, trying it now, thanks for the link! I'll respond if it still fails..
Another thing, should I replace the files where i installed the game to?
Nope, manual install doesn't work either... I'm thinking it's not compatable with windows 8... And I don't want to install a new OS for a while.
Hmm... I'm thinking the 2 graphics drivers I have, it's a laptop, so I really can't take out the dedicated intel graphics. Besides the intel isn't working for some reason. When I checked the psobb error log folder, it said it used Intel Graphics or something.


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I have a few suggestions:

Try running install.reg. That will added the required registry keys. The game should run without them but the launcher can crash psobb.exe if its missing the registry keys.

Ensure you aren't unpacking the game into a windows protected folder such as "program files". Try unpacking to a folder on your desktop to see if it runs.

Try adding PSOBB.exe to the DEP exceptions.