Problems running the SHIP server on Wine/Ubuntu


Recently i've set up a desktop environment with Ubuntu and Wine on my dedicated server machine to host the Teth server, i've managed to make the Login and Patch server work without any issues. However for some odd reason the SHIP server isnt starting at all... I start the executable and it gets stuck on this screen.


Looks like the server is trying to read the ship.ini file but is not even trying to open it. And I tried also to delete/rename the ship.ini file from the folder just to see if the software throws an error message of some sort but nothing it just stay on that screen regarless if the ship.ini file exists or not.

Any idea what the problem might be? only happens with the SHIP server! the most important one lol...
Thank you for your time~


Thanks for the answer Omni!! however my situation was diferent as I was able to run the Patch server and Login server's without issues under Ubuntu with Wine but not the Ship server, I started to look around with traces where the SHIP server would stall while starting and I managed to fix it by commenting out a specific method before the load and parsing of the ship.ini file.

The method in particular is located at line 15032

	WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(1,1), &winsock_data);
	printf ("Loading configuration from ship.ini ... ");
#ifdef LOG_60
	debugfile = fopen ("60packets.txt", "a");
	if (!debugfile)
		printf ("Could not create 60packets.txt");
		printf ("Press [ENTER] to quit...");
	//mt_bestseed();   <-- This is the Culprit!
	load_config_file(); <-- This loads and parses the SHIP.ini file
	printf ("OK!\n\n");

After recompiling the ship server again it was able to boot on WINE without any issues at all. However i'm not really sure for what the "mt_bestseed" method is used for because of lack of explanation and while I understand that Tofuman and Sodaboy arent interested in giving support to the old tethealla server it does the job for now, everything in the game seems functional at least to do some internal testing of the server until the new Tethealla source/binaries get released ^^


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Yes some later builds of wine have issues with the mtwist library. Which is the RNG. So you may have issues with your RNG if a seed isn't set. issue as in random wont be soo random. try using mt_goodseed() or mt_seed().


Thank you so much for the explanation Tofuman! i've checked the method and replaced it for just "mt_seed()" compiled it and now it's booting on WINE and loading this library as well (・∀・)ノ