Problem with the Login screen info in Teth/Ephinea.


Is not really a problem but a nuisanse everytime it happens, the game doesnt saves your Login and Password information correctly when you enable the feature at the options of the client. So everytime you login into the server you click on start game and after checking the patch the server will always tell you that your user ID and password is incorrect.

I beleive the reason of this is because of the modification that was made to allow more characters to be written in the login information which is truncating your user information hence why you need to manually type both password and ID again everytime you close or restart the client.

This is a little comparison picture of the latest untouched japanese client from SEGA and the latest Teth/Ephinea one:


As you can see the modified client allows much more characters!

Maybe a simple client mod should fix this issue?


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I don't have this issue, but then again, I don't have an incredibly long login name either.


Afaik this was patched long ago to allow 16 characters no? I have never seen this issue in any teth client.
But then if is actually truncated, why not just use a smaller username/pass as it was done in the vanilla?