Possibility of a Team Bank?


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Hi everyone,

Having played the game for about 3 weeks now, one of the features that I immediately loved was the inclusion of a shared bank for your character. Being able to swap mags and all sorts between your characters while alone is an instant winner for me (Thanks for making mats stackable too! :D )

How realistic would it be to extend the shared bank idea to having a personal, shared and team bank available? My team is only small but I'd love the thought of being able to leave items more suited to my friend in a place we can both access.

If it can't be done, ah well! I'm certainly happy with the current privileges we have. If it has already been done and my searching skills suck, then disregard this post and pretend this is a discussion about your favourite colour :) (black in my case)


P.S Would it be possible to make Scape Dolls stackable too? Again, this isn't a game breaker for me :)

EDIT: I've just realised that this is in the wrong forum. Please move this thread to the appropriate forum please mods.
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Scape Dolls will NEVER be stackable.

Though, I'm thinking about the team bank thing, I can do it more elegantly now. However, I have other stuff on the list first, though.


I'm sure it was discussed before and I think it "was too much of a hassle"???

No idea but just now I thought it would be kinda easy to just add such bank and the needed code to track down if a person is using the team bank, then deny any other requests for it, obviously 2 or more players cant be accessing it because it would go out of sync.
The rest is like the (account) shared bank, the game thinks its the character bank, but the server knows is not.

I might do something about it.


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Thanks for the replies! This all sounds promising for the future here.


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Haha, think I used em but I'll find loads next pw3 sesh, they yours.
I have an AddSlot deficiency that is lethal without my 'regular' dose :)

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I am in my mind.. But so are a lot of things... I forgot my point :)

Hi again Spuzzy!