Dr. Robotnik's Mean (Toe)Bean Machine
The full post on this mod can be found [HERE]

Poorly [Translated] Star Online​

A project that Google Translates the text of PSO:BB (Ephinea) multiple times, resulting in silly and nonsensical text.

For full information go to the original April Fools' Post with the link provided above.

Install at your own risk. I take no responsibilities for errors caused in game, or ideas expressed in the translation
INSTALL: change language setting in the top right of your launcher from ENGLISH or 日本語 to CUSTOM; and then, download and extract the unitxt_j.prs file from the attached file, dragging it into your EphineaPSO\data folder, replacing the current files.

The file provided here is a mirror of what you will find in the April Fool's Day full post, nothing new is posted here.

This is just a copy of the project without the general announcement, so that it is visible and found easily in the correct place [Skins and Mods] on the forums.


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