Phantasy Star Online : Red Reburst [Server Ad]

(subject to change. All opinions, advise and constructive criticism is appreciated)

PSO RR is a project that aims to add some new and interesting features to the vanilla game and allowing players to have a large impact on server development path. Simply, for the community, by the community.
Currently, the focus is not within the server, and rather focused on a TGC (trading card game) using scrap from PSO Episode III and just overall experience with TGC's in general.
One thing currently being worked on is to have the cards marked with an ID that makes them redeemable in-game. So for example you open a pack of 30 cards, and within that pack you get an item card, say... a photon drop. You can either use that card in the TGC or you can redeem it in game.

That process however will be quest focused, as will most of the server.
Quest completion is and will be a must, to obtain access to certain server unique features.
The second most prominent planned thing is to add a pantheon of items and weaponry, and also useful things. (along with collectibles and junk) We hope to have a very simple synthesis type system for creating better, end tier gear.
(like the Lavis evolution system, only... a bit longer and less basic)

Another few features being worked on are status affects, and damage types. Just to make combat in future a little more complex. We hope to have a New Game + type system, that enables new class features and capabilities, along with some things to do in the lobby and team features.
(we hope to maybe have some cross server competitive play, but thats for much, much later)
One other thing, this being the final thing were working towards is a new mode and new area's (reskinned ones with different object placements)
The mode hasnt been given a full name, but the term we use for it is Apocalypse Mode. In short, it will be a step up from Ultimate, and some the enemies within it, if not all, will be reskinned with the infected type skins.
Along with this mode, will come new quests and various themed items and events.

Its early days, and you are right to have doubts, but you should expect us, when we are ready we will open, and we welcome you all to take a look!

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Hmm, thats interesting, but I dont think that you'll make it final release in public. A lot of work need to be made not only on server side, but also the client side as well.

Good luck!