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because it's rare and some people want it!
it might not be easy to find a buyer, but it's definitely worth a lot to some

edit: but ya jizai is definitely better/S&Y needs %'s, i am dumb, etc


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Personally I consider S&Y to be almost as good as Jizai, with enough % they'll probably combo-kill the same things. Of course Jizai is more "end-game" since it's almost strictly better (with BOVN, S&Y wins by 5 ATA but inferior in other aspects).

I'm bad at coming up with actual price, but I'll say what I think of this Sange; S&Y needs area %s to be powerful, so early on I think I would rather have a S&Y with high area %s. 45h clean one can be sphered into a more endgame S&Y, though I'm not sure if people would rather wait for a good Jizai or S&Y with even higher hit. Still, for "impatient" people, a 45h S&Y is pretty cool I think.

Disclaimer: I'm not very experienced with this PSO game and I might be misjudging the weapon's value. I also prefer S&Y's looks and might be biased.


Still looking for a definitive number for the worth, which sadly has eluded me. I don't care for Katanas/Twins in general so it's definitely something I'd want to sell. I'll just have to be patient. Thanks everyone for replying, hopefully someone can come up with a number range that isn't so broad.


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No one can give an exact value here - the reason: It's basically a collector's item since it is outclassed by Jizai. I think at least 90% of the people on this server aren't even remotely interested in getting a Sange & Yasha. I'm pretty sure, though, that some people go crazy over it, and it's those people that will bid high.

Just auction it and see what you can get. anime's guesstimate still sounds too hight to me, but who knows. However, since...
1) Sange isn't an Uber
2) S&Y isn't particularly useful
3) the Mil Lily drop is not extremely hard (of course, the hit makes it rare)
you might get unlucky and receive only low bids. If you're not able to sell it now, just keep it. I'm sure you're going to find a buyer in the future. I also think that if you were to combine it with a Yasha already, you'd be able to sell it more easily.

All in all, though, I don't think this item is as valuable as you might have hoped or thought when you first posted this price check.
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