Overall PSOBB Configuration Pweez Help! (hermehgerd!)


Ho! Howz it! howz it! was wondering if you could run me dwn this tethealla thing.

- setup MySQL 5.5 (the same as if I was running my wow server which runs fine)
- opened the file pso_server.sql
It opened and the header says its the pso_server but I dunno what to do with it from there is that all. (Do I have to alter anything)
- Also in the Tethella and other ini files I don't know the MySQL host name (set it to localhost). MySQL database name (set it to pso_server.sql), I know the MySQL username and password. Also copied these files to the x86>SEGA>PsoBB Folder. All server windows pop up with no issues and I can see them running from the lil launch window at the bottom right taskbar of the Windows.

Scenario 1
- I used PSOBBC_PSO pack.
- Installed TethVer12513
- I used Tethella PSOBB Full client
-I put SPSO Login 0.47 in my main server folder, with the ship 1.43 (I took the files from the folder and placed them in the same folder as the Login.
-Changed all .INI files (i.e welcome, ship, tethealla) and copied them into main server folder. Used server config tool to setup the location of login and ship server, writes to the config file in main server folder.
-I left all the IP as (do not need multiplayer)
-Made an account. (copied it into the login server folder as well as the root server folder, cuz something made me think it would help)
-Made Ship key bin copied it into the Login/Ship server folder.
-Copied two Batch files to Run/Stop server into my main server folder: Also used a server config tool to see if results differ.
-Copied TethEXE 12513 Psobb into the x86>sega>psobb folder
-Used IP Updater, to patch the IP to the Psobb.exe, I also tried on, vonlin, online
-Also checked HOST file,

** Port Forwarded all teh ports listed in the .readme even though that only counts if you use Public IP I want loopback**

Overall Biggest Question!
Do I have to create my own .exe for my specific client or can I use an .exe for my specific client version ~.~? I also tried using the Tethealla patched 1.24 US and nothing.

*****The Error I'm getting is Client Version to old patch it.*****

-I read that you should'nt patch the .exe there is some other step-


P.S. This is as far as I could get from all the tattered posts and half ass answers I found across the web. I will post a Simple way to run this as soon as I break passed this last piece. Arcemu - Trinity I've set those up from scouting the net but this one is hard to get all the answers. Sorry for the inconvenience ^.^*
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I think you are doing quite a mess from your "log of actions", but if the servers run fine, then all good.

For MySQL you have to import the sql file, I usually name my pso databases just pso, the database name (in the server) is what you have to use in tethealla.ini

For the client too old, if you used the server downloads in this forum, they are outdated, open login_server.exe with a hex editor and search (in text) for TethVer and change it to the string that the client shows in the bottom left in the start screen.


Aye yea thats what happened I kept going all over and each person would say do somthing so after trying and trying I asked for help I never did what you said so I shall try that now, thank you ^.^*


Aye did the sql thing seems alright, but after changing the loing_server.exe to 12513 and hit save and tried to run all my servers and now I get an error saying this app cant run on this computer. Sorry to bother you again is there something I have to do to the file to make it readable after changing the login_server.exe. meep>.<*


What program did you use to edit the exe?
It sounds like you didn't use a hex editor.


Okay thank you so much for all your help. Does work ^.^*

I found a package of 12510 exes (package with vonlin.exe means 12510.exe's), patched the IP to the PSOBB_Localhost.exe and booyah its working.

Now I can go through and clean up my file mess as you spoke of, sorry for being a bother. If there was a way to repay like a donation page on the site I would gladly donate. I'm no coder or pro at this I just like being able to play the few games I really love. I almost cried like I lost my girlfriend when micrsoft said they were turning off PSO servers and PSU server I was like omfg you guys. PSO2 just doesnt feel like phantasy star. The ones for psp were cool but too small of a screen and neck cricks suck.