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Discussion in 'Troubleshooting' started by Aelio, Feb 21, 2020.

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    I have a PSOBB server up and running with MySQL, I can connect to it when my Override IP is set to 0 but when I change it to my public IP, others can't connect and neither can I.

    I thought I needed to change the Override IP to my public IP for others to connect. I saw once on the patch server a successful connection was made for my friend, his user name and IP came up, but that was it.

    I think the reason I have trouble connecting when I use the public IP is because I'm trying to connect on the same machine that I host the server on.

    Anyone have any advice for me to get my server up and running so me and my friend can play together?

    I feel like I'm so close XD


    I've edited the exe with my public IP and gave that to my friend.

    I've tried to connect using both an exe with my public and private IP but neither work when Override is public.

    When override is 0 I simply use the exe with private IP. I feel I should be able to do this when my Override is set to my public IP but I'm not sure.

    Please Help! :''''(
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    Hello again,

    I think my problem is that my router/modem doesn't support NAT loopback.

    Is there a workaround for this? A program or config I can use?

    I thought not having NAT loopback would simply prevent me from connecting from within my network but that outside connections would be fine.

    This doesn't appear to be the case for me as neither my friend or myself can login to the server when it's configured with my public IP.

    Please help if you can. I'd really like to get this to work.

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    This is still an ongoing issue for me.

    Anyone have any information on this?

    I'd like confirmation on the cause and or potential solutions/workarounds if any exist.

    If I do have to buy a new cable modem/router, are there any recommendations?


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