Original Japanese Quests Files


I have the original Japanese game disc of PSO: BB.

I could try to install it (would I need to extract the .qst files somehow?). Or were these files only available online?


Hello Mad!, thanks for answering but sadly the original quest files for PSOBB are stored in the server as far i know.

The client downloads the 'qst' files when you start a quest at the hunters guild and then proceeds to start it, hence the reason why I think it's gonna be a daunting task to find those files specially the Goverment quest ones (1-2,1-3,1-4,etc)

Maybe there's a tool to 'capture' the quest files while it's being downloaded somehow?


@ Neirene - I have a ton of Japanese quests, stashed on an old hard drive of mine, somewhere. I'm very doubtful, I have any of the JP Gov quests though. However, the quests I have, are not in .qst format, but in .raw format. If your interested, feel free to pm me.