Odgar's guide to FOing


Being an effective Force is not hard, there is a flow chart that should be followed to play a Force efficiently.

Healing/Reviving > Buffing > Debuffing > Crowd Control > Damage

1. Healing/Reviving

Make sure everyone has high hp and use a moon / reverser on the dead to get them back on their feet.

When dealing with the fabled DARK FLOW user, just don't heal them or if you must heal, try to be aware of where they are and make sure they are out of range. If you do happen to accidentally heal them, just say sorry and try to not do it again.


Solferino - Resta +30%

For females
Madam's Parasol - Resta, Anti +100%

Tyrell's Parasol - Shifta, Deband, Resta +100%

Marina's Bag - Resta, Anti +100%


Resta Merge - Resta +100%

2. Buffing

Level 30 S/D lasts for 5:30 so you could try keeping time yourself or recast in the entrance of every other room.
I would recommend downloading the player reader add-on that will show buff timers.


Striker of Chao - Shifta, Deband +100%

For females
Madam's Umbrella - Shifta, Deband +100%

Tyrell's Parasol - Shifta, Deband, Resta +100%


Shifta Merge - Shifta +100%

Deband Merge - Deband +100%

3. Debuffing

This is the main reason to play a FO. Your debuffs are in fact, the strongest techs that you will ever use when in a party.

Depending on your party composition it is often okay to skip casting Jellen on weaker mobs since they will be dead before having a chance to do damage. You should always start each fight with casting Zalure.

Every FO should have a Glide Divine for larger rooms as it boosts the range of Jellen & Zalure by 100%

4. Crowd Control

In most cases, casting a Rabarta or 2 after a Zalure is enough to lock up most of the mobs. Just make sure they are grouped up when you do it to allow multi hit weapons to be more effective. When dealing with high threat mobs, such as Belras, Garanz, Gibbles or anything that can cause massive damage, you could keep casting Rabarta until they're frozen if are no Casts/RAs that can do it.

There are 2 mobs that spawn with a charging attack, Dorphin and Delbiter. If you know these are about to spawn, you can cast a Gifoie to damage them mid charge so you don't get trampled. The same can be done for Dark Bringers if they are far enough away from you. There are some situations where this is not needed, as you might cause them to stop far away from the party and charge again anyways.

Dorphins and Girtablulus are not able to be frozen, so having a high hit Arrest weapon might help.

5. Damage

This is where things start getting a little tricky.

For dealing Technique damage, you should either keep mental notes of each mobs weakness or look up the elemental weakness of each monster/boss.
You can also download the monster reader add-on, it has a target reader that can show you the elemental resistances of the monster you are targeting.

There are some monsters that spawn without damage immunity. List is >here<.
For these it is best to stack as many Gifoies as you can before they spawn, allowing you to either kill them as they spawn in or deal massive damage.

You should only use techniques for damage in Episode 1 and 4.

You should also avoid spamming techniques. There is a glitch called Damage Cancel. When a target takes damage from multiple sources at the same time, the lowest damage gets used. So try timing your techniques to land between combos.

Fire Scepter: Agni - Foie, Gifoie, Rafoie +20%

Ice Staff: Dagon - Barta, Gibarta, Rabarta +20%

Storm Wand: Indra - Zonde, Gizonde, Razonde +20%

Summit Moon - Foie, Barta, Zonde +30%

Magical Piece - Gifoie, Gibarta, Gizonde +30%

Psycho Wand - Rafoie, Rabarta, Razonde +30%

Mercurius Rod - Grants +30%

Dark Bridge - Grants +20%, Megid Pierce
Foie Merge - Foie +30%

Gifoie Merge - Gifoie +30%

Rafoie Merge - Rafoie +30%

Red Merge - Foie, Gifoie, Rafoie +20%

Barta Merge - Barta +30%

Gibarta Merge - Gibarta +30%

Rabarta Merge - Rabarta +30%

Blue Merge - Barta, Gibarta, Rabarta +20%

Zonde Merge - Zonde +30%

Gizonde Merge - Gizonde +30%

Razonde Merge - Razonde +30%

Three Seals - Razonde +30% and +33 to all elemental resistances

Yellow Merge - Zonde, Gizonde, Razonde +20%
Ignition Cloak - Foie, Gifoie, Rafoie +10%

Congeal Cloak - Barta, Gibarta, Rabarta +10%

Tempest Cloak
- Zonde, Gizonde, Razonde +10%

Mother Garb / MG+ - FOnewm only. Cuts all Tp cost by 50% and stacks with other TP cost reduction gear, the Adept and Psycho Wand. It also gives a random chance to boost Grants damage by 10% for MG and 30% for MG+.
V101 - Gives a 40% attack speed increase and minor stat boost.

V801 - Boosts casting speed significantly.

Adept - +10 all stats +20 ATA +6 resistances and 25% less TP cost.

Smartlink - Removes the ranged accuracy penalty for HU/FO. Making ranged weapons more effective.

V501 - +50% success rate to Confuse, Freeze, Paralysis and Instant Kill specials.

V502 - Like the 501 but the instant kill has +100% success rate.

Heavenly/Mind - Adds 45 MST. Not that useful at higher levels but good to have a few for learning techniques as you level.

Heavenly/HP - Adds 100 HP. Really good at low levels/hp to get enough hp to not get 1 shot by bosses.

For episode 2, techniques do very little damage so you will have to rely on high ATP weapons, special attacks such as demons/hell or Megid. You should also bring a high DFP shield, such as De Rol Le Shield or a Red Ring if you have one. A Resta Merge is a good option if you don't have any other choice.

Recommended melee weapons
Excalibur - all but FOnewearl can use this. Multi target weapon with saber animation. Best option for screening VOL OPT.

Girasole - High ATP double saber male Forces can use.

Tyrell's Parasol - Partizan with Charge and +100% range boost for Shifta, Deband and Resta. Only females can use it.

Vivienne - Highest ATP double saber for female Forces. Also has TP stealing special.

Red Saber - FOnewearl's highest ATP option for glitch killing (screening) VOL OPT. It gets a +50% ATP boost with Crimson Coat and any Machine% on it will raise your damage even more.

Recommended ranged weapons

Charge/Berserk/Spirit Vulcans with 50+hit

Diska of Braveman - Not that great on its own for Forces, but when paired with the armor Thirteen, it gains 50% extra damage 10% attack speed (does not stack with other attack speed boosting units) and +30 ATA.

Rainbow Baton - Stronger than the Diska of Braveman without the Thirteen armor combination, longer range and you can craft this yourself with Magic Stone : Iritista, so you can get one with 50 hit relatively easy.

Slicer of Fanatic - Multi target Demons weapon. There is a glitch with slow projectile weapons that allow you to do Special/Normal/Special to give your first special attack normal accuracy. Using this glitch can allow you to apply demons to groups of enemies.

Rambling May - Female only but best on FOmarl because animation is much quicker. Each shot has 2 bullets, meaning you can hit a single target 6 times with 1 combo.

Bringer's Rifle - Rifle with demons special. A long range option for applying Demons. You can also use PCs to add hit%.

Holy Ray - Arrest rifle for Forces. Tons of ATA and long range allowing you to arrest non freezable threats from across the map.

Kunai - Arrest cards for the FO that likes getting up close and personal.

S-rank J-Cutter w/Hell - When paired with the V502 and the S/N/S glitch, you could take out many of the E2 mobs with ease. FOnewearls are unable to use these.

S-rank Cards w/Demons or Hell - Good on a FOmar/l, the last attack shoots 3 cards and at close range they will all hit a single target, giving them a higher chance of landing the special attack.

S-rank Mechguns
w/Demons - Good on FOnewm/earl. They have the highest ATA of forces allowing them to take advantage of this weapon. Make sure your target is frozen before using these, it will make you more accurate.

For everyone but FOnewearl, if you plan on using Megid you'll need one of these to allow your Megid to pierce.


Demonic Fork - Megid Pierce

Dark Bridge - Grants +20%, Megid Pierce


Cursed Cloak - Megid Pierce

Dirty Lifejacket - Megid Pierce

Thanks to Matt for his Technique boosting gear guide and Gifoie chart and Eidolon for the add-ons

If anyone feels like I've missed anything or got something wrong, let me know and I will correct it/add it.

Edit - 8/20/2018 - Added more weapons and units, thanks Aki_Leaves
Edit - 8/25/2018 - Added more equipment, thanks SLU, Rune and Yuffie
Edit - 9/12/2018 - Changed some descriptions, thanks StevieWonderDownUnder
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Just a weeb.
S Ranks are definitely viable on FO. All FOs should be carrying a Hell J-Cutter (when they can acquire it) to dispatch low EDK enemies in Ep 2 with ease.

Additionally, Demons' Cards on FOmar/FOmarl and Demons' Mechs on FOnewearl/FOnewm can be an incredibly useful utility.

To a lesser extent, Hell Cards and a Hell Scythe might be useful as well.

You might want to mention units as well. Rocking a v801, v101, Smartlink, and v502 can be quite useful, I also like using an Adept for the ATA and TP reduction.

Also, Diska of Braveman is useful with Thirteen equipped to deal massive ATP damage on enemy groups or bosses with multiple points of contact. Such as phase 1 of Saint Million, De Rol Le, or Barba Ray. Even the dragons.

There will also be times at which you simply want to pull our Charge Vulcans (or mechs of some kind) for single target DPS as well.


Consider adding Rainbow Baton.

It outdamages DoB when not using Thirteen, which most FOs won't regularly have equipped anyway. I use it frequently on my FOmarl since I typically have Sweetheart armor equipped.

RBB also has extra range over other slicer-types which is pretty nice on a FO that generally wants to stay at a safe distance from groups of mobs.


Also Holy Ray for Arrest. At just 15 hit a Holy Ray is equivalent in ATA to a 50H Arrest Raygun. Further, the increased range allows you to take advantage of the Smartlink range bonus.

It can make Arresting on a non-cast at least sort of reliable.


maybe add Dark Bridge to the the tech boost gear (since it makes megid piercing and boosts Grants per 20% xd) and add 3 seals to the shields (brings along some nice resis compared to raz merge, cant harm to have em). nice post^^

i also really like to use Kunai and with the 30% hit from event its for me unbelievable that they are sold that cheap because they beat srank arrest cards easily (62 (32 base ata) vs 45 ata from srank cards)
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SPECIAL-Fonewmn, Gigolo-Ramar
I wasn't aware their was Red/Yellow/Blue merge in this server! Is it true? Where can I find this exotic amps!


dob is very, very solidly ahead of rainbow for damage, particularly for fomar, regardless of whether or not you're using 13 (though tbh i pretty much never take it off). it's maybe close to comparable if you aren't comfortable using sns every time and opt for hns or nns or something like that, but the multiplier on fomar's atp is just way too good to be caught using anything else. also, 13's atp boost is pretty negligible since it's just 50% weapon atp- though the ata is amazing.

as for the hell scythe, sadly none of the fos have enough ata to use it consistently. even racast can have some issues with it in sub desert (though it's still fun and worthwhile). demons mechs are indeed useful for fonewm and foney, but you probably want to get used to glitching them to justify the price. 50h bringers is a pretty fun alternative.
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no, it can't be fixed without trading off kill speed. you either get dmc or enemies die slower. you can't fix physical distance latency. light only travels so fast and computers only route packets so effectively.

I double-checked and it did in fact get fixed here - though it's stated as mitigation measures so I'm assuming it can still sometimes happen, but the way it's worded, it should be fairly infrequent.


Staff member
It's not fully fixed because it caused issues with enemy behaviour when it was cancelled entirely. There are some measures to reduce it but it's not perfect.
I double-checked and it did in fact get fixed here - though it's stated as mitigation measures so I'm assuming it can still sometimes happen, but the way it's worded, it should be fairly infrequent.
It's not fully fixed because it caused issues with enemy behaviour when it was cancelled entirely. There are some measures to reduce it but it's not perfect.

how can you fix physical distance and routing issues isp side? most dmc is latency related.
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